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    If you’ve already installed 2.9 and upgraded your database, you’ll of course need to use a pre-upgraded copy of your database if you want to downgrade to 2.8.6 again. So you might need to dig out your backup…

    Alternatively, you might want to give 2.9.1 beta a spin, as I believe the curl issue you posted about in your other thread is addressed in that:

    Again, don’t forget to backup…

    i will install the 2.9.1 beta and hope for the best. anyway, 2.9 should be major bug free, since it is a final version release.

    thank you very much. i hope i’ll get this error resolved. the nice part is i have a pre-updated database from 2.8.7. 😀

    where can i find 2.9.1 ?

    installed 2.9.1 and that error disappeared. thank you very much. i am shivering with the non-beta 2.9.X release.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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