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  • There are some serious issues with the latest version:

    – Several plugins can/will be unusable due to the “Links expired” problem

    I have two plugins that I could not use or update due to this error.

    – Automatic posts to Twitter/Facebook will be broken

    I send short versions of my posts (automatically) to Twitter and Facebook. This got broken with the latest version of One Signal. Also the latest version 2.0.0 unchecks “Send notification on post publish” when saving the post.

    I downgraded, went back to 1.7.9 and now everything is working again.

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  • Same here, in my case it seems to be something with custom post type when using transition_post_status hook

    If you have a woocommerce shop no new orders can be created or update with the new version…

    Hi Mikael, broken for me, too. How did you downgrade? The plug-in has knocked out my dashboard so even if I were to get Rollback, I couldn’t access it.

    Plugin Author OneSignal


    The problem has been resolved in the latest release. Enjoy!

    Jack, log in with ftp, rename the One Signal folder to get the site working again. Then you can either try the new version or install the previous version. An easy way is to install WP Rollback, a plug-in to do just that.

    @onesignal Great, but I will not uppgrade unless I can see confirmation that the new version actually is working as intended. As of now I have not seen that. Just more postings that there are problems with 2.0.1 also.

    Thank you, Mikael, excellent tip.

    I have given up. Deactivated the plugin and the service. There are simply too many problems with it and too many odd problems with the site that I am using it with. I will evaluate some other plugins/services instead since this happened withe the previous version also. Great service, bad plugin.


    On the brink of giving up I decided to give the 2.0.2 another go:

    – The checkbox for setting a Push Notification is unchecked as soon as the post is saved/updated

    – This means that scheduled posts are not working

    So, the 2.0.2-version . has NOT solved the bugs/problems.


    And to add – this is not related to the theme I am using. The same problem occured in several previous versions and it was fixed in 1.7.9 (which is in fact working as intended).

    This also has nothing to do with any other plugins I am using – I have switched ALL plugins off, tested, no go, and then switched them on again.

    I have tried just about everything, spent a lot ot time testing and trying to locate any other thing that might cause this. And since 1.7.9 works just fine and all the new versions does not I have come to the conclusion that this is related to the One Signal Plugin.

    Like you, Mikael, I went back to 1.17.9 and all is well.


    Are you experiencing the same problems – checkbox not working, scheduled posts not working?

    I haven’t looked into those since they’re not features I tend to use—but I know v. 2 broke my dashboard completely so anything that allows me to access it as I used to gets my nod.

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