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  • Fraid not – still waiting for updated plugin.

    Wondering whether to give this plugin a try…

    It gets 4.9 out of 5.

    Nope. Still down. No updates. So much for hope.

    Plugin Author Brian Gardner


    I chatted with Travis last night and he was working on this. He was hoping to finish it up and test it today, with a potential release tomorrow.

    Seems very unlike Genesis and StudioPress to abandon a plug-in/widget and not have a rock solid replacement available.

    Frustrating to have to start to look for alternatives when the entire point of Genesis Framework is to have a cohesive environment.

    A prompt resolution would be greatly appreciated.



    Where did you see that they’re abandoning the plugin?

    To clarify, Genesis depreciated the original widget and referred everyone to a 3rd Party Developed Plug-in that is in its’ 1.0 untested and flawed release. It has not been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. As you can see from the Posts, many are having issues with it not working at all.

    Plugin Author Brian Gardner


    First off, the code that was used in the plugin by Travis was lifted directly from Genesis. It’s the same code/functionality, along with a few things he added since he took it over. Second of all, the issues at hand have nothing to do with the latest version of WordPress — they have to do with the API change that Twitter implemented recently.

    I am simply repeating the news: From the WordPress Plug-in page, it states: “This plugin has not been tested with the latest version of WordPress.”

    Either way, and regardless of the reason, Genesis is a commercial product and should come with commercial quality updates to plug-ins/widgets in a timely fashion.

    I understand that the reason the plug-in stopped working was due to the Twitter API change but that does not alter the fact that whomever was responsible for maintaining it, was not in a position to catch the change and immediately update it so as to avoid disruption of service to the hundreds of Genesis Framework users who rely on what is usually a rock solid platform of integrated widgets and plug-ins.



    Forum Moderator

    @palmercomputer – these forums are for the FREE versions of products. Commercial versions of themes or plugins are not supported on these forums so if you have an issue with studiopress, you need to take that up with them on their site/forums.

    @wpyogi – your guidance is not relevant to the support situation discussed in this thread and not helpful.

    @bgardner – I appreciate your participation in this thread and love StudioPress! I think the reason some people seem pointed regarding the Twitter API change is that the depreciation of API 1.0 has been a pretty long time coming, while the 1.1 API has been up for 6 months.

    Plugin Author Brian Gardner


    I completely agree with you Marc, but just want to make sure there’s a delineation here between StudioPress, and the plugin developer Travis. He’s an incredibly talented guy, and is working hard (just got back from vacation) to get this plugin updated.

    Hi Brian, Thanks and I fully agree that is a point worth making – the Genesis Latest Tweets plugin while being for the Genesis Framework is no longer a Genesis product. And has not been for a significant period of time.

    Plugin Author Brian Gardner


    Just a follow up, per Travis on Twitter, this should be updated today.

    Is there any update with this, its been a few days?

    We wanted to keep this plugin, must admit we thought it was a part of the StudioPress system, but if it is in fact no longer that is there any reason that switching to another plug-in could be detrimental to the function of StudioPress or our theme?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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