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    I created a massive issue by upgrading to 3.4. My site is now only 75% usable and the look/feel is way off.

    I lost the ability to use a full-width page, any future updates are out the window. And the key of my site is a dynamic opening page, I know have to go static or it simply defaults to blogs.

    The issue will be resolved if I can downgrade. Any advice on a simple way to do it, or do I have to start digging through file by file in the FTP? I already have the previous release downloaded from archives, I just wish there was a simple fix…

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  • My site is:

    I am using debonair by artivity found on themeforest. Obviously slow on the upgrade over there…



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    I’m sorry but as you are using a commercial theme, you need to seek support from the theme’s vendors.

    Barked up that tree already. No advice on this end of things to get everything back up and running until they fix it?

    I know if I simply took a step back on the upgrade for a few days I could wait them out. I just was hoping there would be a simple solution offered here instead of the alternative.



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    Sorry – there’s no magic bullets here. I’d suggest that you start looking for another theme.

    The new update screwed up my Flash MP3 Player JW2.3. BUMMER! Looking for downgrade now.

    There was a post on downgrading, search it. I am in the same spot with Genesis, however I can’t add photos to my blog and that is the complete purpose of my blog. Never again will I blindly trust WP updates.

    Just to be clear, it’s not WP updates causing your problems, it is your themes and or plugins, which apparently have not been updated to work in the current WP 3.4
    or if they have perhaps you have made others changes that are causing the issues you are having.

    The WP updates are great. But if you are stuck with a website (that you don’t want to spend hours redesigning), you have to keep the theme, whether or not they update it.

    I was able to roll it back to a previous version. The issue is that I still cannot adjust what shows up as my home page.

    If you look at the theme:

    And you look at my options:

    You can see that I don’t have a choice to select a home page with the slider.

    Anyone have an idea how to add that in to my dashboard settings? The correct framework and options are there, I just can’t select it.

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    If you take a file & database backup before any upgrade, you can restore that, however if you upgrade without a taking a backup, downgrading is not a supported option – it may work but changes in the database structure may cause additional issues.

    DawnsDelightsArt I have had no issues with my sites on Genesis with WP 3.4, however I recall seeing something about a non-critical issue others have reported on one or a few of the child themes and I believe there is a fix available if you ask on the relevant section of the studiopress forums

    Developer finally fixed it for me.

    Hi there….
    our blog have a problem after upgrading to v3.4
    how to fix that?

    thanks before

    I have had issues with 3.4 as well… specifically with regard to the themes and showing templates. I am downgrading as I type this and will update this page when I have done so successfully….

    Ok I made copies of everything both before and after I upgraded…. I ended up ftping all of the files except the theme directory and the config file back to 3.3.2 then tried to access the wp-admin. I was prompted that the DB needed to be updated (in this case downdated?) once that was done my original issues with 3.4 were gone… of course I am still looking at the update line in the admin but I can handle that….

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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