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  • Hello,

    I have a wordpress website which is doing pretty well and now I would like to upgrae it to a multisite to better organize the different countries (is a directory)

    Before I do that I have a couple of doubts that I woul appreciate if someone with experience could make it straight.

    – Would it affect my PR ranking to split the domain into a multisite installation?
    – the new sites (like ) will gain the PR I have acquired?
    – is there a plugin or a way to make a sitemap and analitics which will include all the different ites togheter into one?

    finally this is the link…I must advise you that is adult stuff so please be aware you need to be 18+ to give it a look

    thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Pagerank is a funny thing. Splitting your content, so long as you have .htaccess redirects in place to prevent 404s, should not impact it. Gaining PR from a move like that is more about who links to you, than anything you can do internally.

    As for sitemaps and analytics, you can set up Google to track all your sites under one GA account, but the sitemaps should be separate. Each site should be treated as a separate site.

    Oh and standard reminder about how having 100% the same content on multiple sites will hurt pagerank.

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