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  • I would like to hear recommendations from experts when uploading images in a post and setting the ‘Link URL’ field, don’t have it clear at all. Right now, just in case, I’m selecting ‘None’ option after I upload every image.

    I understand the second option, ‘File URL’, points directly to the uploaded file, so when user clicks on the image, the image is shown alone in a blank page (and user sees the complete URL, a bit fuzzy and dangerous?). Is this the usual approach in a blog/website?

    And finally, the option I don’t understand is the third one, which says ‘Attachment Post URL’, what the hell does this, similar to the previous one?

    So, in general, what’s the most common approach across the Internet when setting this image uploading related field?

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    Is this the usual approach in a blog/website?

    I don’t think there’s such a beast as a “usual approach” with images. It really depends upon why you’re adding the image, what its purpose is and whether people really need to see the larger version.

    What I do see if a lot of laziness where people don’t bother setting “None” for the Link Url and you end up with a page of images that just link to copies of themselves. That doesn’t make for a good user experience or good SEO.

    When you link for the File Url, the resulting image may look “fuzzy” because it’s really large and your browser automatically tries to resize it to fit. It’s normally possible to expand it to full size via the browser itself.

    The Attachment Url places the linked-to image in its own page – rather like a pseudo-post (although the styling does depend on your theme). Handy if you want to present a slightly large image in a suitably branded environment.

    does that help?

    Ok, I think I will continue setting “None”, don’t want users to be clicking on images, that as you mention, lead them to same images.

    Nevertheless, I will also take a look at the ‘Attachment Post URL’ functionality, if it’s in the way you mention, could be useful for some good quality and large size images.

    Thanks very much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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