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  • Here’s the Background of what I’ve done:
    I’m a rank newbie to web-site building. I have a tiny amount of tech-type saavy, not much. My friends and I started a blog with me as web master. It’s kind of for political rants. “I can do it!” (Yeah, right). So I get an account on Thinking I’ll practice setting it up before “going live”, I start with the domain “”. Install WordPress, pick a template, and start the blog Everything goes well. We name our blog “Simmering in the Middle”.

    Now I figure we need an appropriate domain name. I get the domain
    “” registered to be managed at my “” FatCow account. So how do I switch domain names on the blog or website? I start reading. It seems to be more complicated than I had imagined. I thought it would be a simple
    matter of pointing the domain name to my site. I thought the domain name was just a string of text that points to a directory on a server that you get all the name servers to recognize and translate to an IP address.

    Instead, from my reading, it appears the domain name is an actual directory on a server somewhere. You have to install or move all your blog files into the domain you want to use. Every tutorial I study has me MOVING all my files to the new “domain”, then changing text in different files to reflect the change. I’m not just
    pointing the domain name to my blog’s main directory as I thought I would be? I’m all confused now.

    Finally, in desperation, I do this:
    1)Using SimpleScripts that FatCow has provided for me, it allows me to “update location” of I put in
    “”. Now my website seems to have the URL and domain name I want it to.

    2)I use FatCow’s “htaccess editor” to redirect to I don’t even know if I’m supposed to do this, not having moved any site files from one directory or domain somewhere to another somewhere, but I do it. Am I “redirecting” into the same directory?

    3) Logging in to the “Simmering in the Middle” blog as Admin I go to Settings -> General and change a) “WordPress Address (URL)” to
    “” and b) “Site Address (URL)” to
    “”.(I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this either. Like with 2), I picked it up from my reading tutorials as and elsewhere.)

    4)Now at my “” account on FatCow I have a WordPress blog that seems to have the domain name, “”, that I want it to have, but I have the suspicion I haven’t done all I need to and might have done things I didn’t need to. Because the tutorials have people changing text in this file I ftp’ed “wp-
    config” to my local machine, opened it in notepad, said “hmmnn”, closed it without changing anything. Here it is if I need to change or add text and replace in the root directory of whatever my files are now called on Fatcow’s server.

    5)Still at my account I have these conditions:
    path to ftp:
    incoming mail server:
    outgoing mail server:
    webmail URL:
    Do these matter? If someone visits our site and wants to email us, will they need to use I have a clearer idea that the ftp address is okay.

    So, my question is:
    1)do I need to change anything in the WordPress files to make this change complete? e’ve had no traffic to speak of, and I don’t KNOW of any internal absolute-type links.
    2) Are the search engines going to get confused because we now have two domain names, or something. If so, how do I remove from association with Can I keep my “Simmering in the Middle” blog at my account without causing external confusion somehow?

    Thanks very very much for any help you can give me.

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  • wpsites


    You can export your posts and pages into a new wordpress install on your new domain

    Or you can use a premium wordpress plugin that makes changing domains easy


    You can change the config file and install wordpress on your new domain then move your files to a new directory on your new domain

    Man, Have I totally screwed this up by trying to rename my blog? I don’t even know what a “domain” is. Is it a directory space? I thought it was a name that you attached to a directory with web-files in it and I could rename that. I registered another domain name at my Fatcow account. Does that mean I have another domain? Everyone makes it seem like I need a second top-level directory on the Fatcow host server. Do I have that by registering the second domain name, or do I need to request or purchase one? I’m sorry to be such a dunce. Thanks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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