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  • Plugin Author Mike Ems


    I’m assuming you’re using a folder install rather than a subdomain install?

    The multisite is installed on a subdomain- but it’s using folders for individual sites

    Sorry I should have included that in the example URL’s:

    Multisite installation (root site) ->
    A site on the multisite ->

    This doubling issue was an overall WordPress issue at one point:

    It was fixed in a patch- I believe they were using an old function and began using a new function instead– maybe your plugin is still using the older function when rewriting links for HTTPS?

    I’ve experienced exactly the same problem since upgrading to WordPress HTTPS (SSL) ver 3.3.5 on a 3.4.2 multisite using folder for individual sites.

    If it’s any help, when we implemented our WordPress multisite a few months ago, I think we must have installed HTTPS (SSL) ver 3.2.3. At that time, we experienced the same problem, i.e. the duplication of paths in URLs. When we upgraded to HTTPS (SSL) ver 3.3.0, the problem went away.

    If a solution is not forthcoming in ver 3.3.5 soon, can I download a copy of ver 3.3.0 somewhere and downgrade?

    BTW, I can’t put a link to our site because it’s still in development and not yet accessible.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Could you try uninstalling and re-installing the plugin? I pushed out a hotfix I’m hoping will fix the issue. I don’t want to have to push out another version, but if this doesn’t fix it, I will.

    Uninstalling the plugin will delete data related to my approx. 20 existing individual sites (including some template sites), correct? If so, when I reinstall the plugin, will the https settings for these existing sites be messed up?

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Yes. If you don’t want to lose your settings, delete the files via SSH/FTP and install it again through the Dashboard. Also, you could directly download the new version and upload it manually. That would probably be best.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    @sjlevy It’s unrelated. The bug is in the plugin’s output buffer processing which scans links and forms to secure them. It’s just something I didn’t take into account in the code and hopefully I’ve hotfixed. Re-download the current version and see if the issue persists. If it does, I will push out a new version that will definitely fix it.

    OK, will give manual upload a go and report back later.

    Manual upload almost did the trick.

    URLs of all sites are good again…but…I can no longer access the Network Admin Dashboard.

    Also, I notice that when I access the dashboard of an individual site, the path to its URL is “sticky” if I next try to access the Network Admin dashboard.

    For example, when I access the dashboard of an individual site, the URL might be:

    If I next navigate to the Network Admin dashboard, the URL becomes…

    …which of course is wrong

    And if I type in the URL manually, say….

    …I get an “Error 404 – Page Not Found” error.

    Correct that last comment.

    I can access the Network Admin dashboard by manually typing its URL, eg.

    But using the admin toolbar interface to navigate to the network admin dashboard, it directs me to the wrong address, as noted earlier.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Argh. One line will fix that, haha. Could you manually upload it again and let me know if it’s resolved?

    I was having the same issue as above. Manually uninstalled and reinstalled just now. The first issue regarding links appears to be fixed, but now I am experiencing an issue with the dashboards for my different sites. After installing the plugin, all dashboard links for my other sites point to the page I’m currently on:

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    I’ll have to do some more testing and get a new version out with fixes. Sorry about the trouble. You can downgrade to 3.3.0 from here if you’re experiencing issues with multisite links in 3.3.5. I’ll update the topic when I have a fix out.

    I’ve tried reinstalling again too but still have the same problem reported earlier, i.e. “using the admin toolbar interface to navigate to the network admin dashboard, it directs me to the wrong address, as noted earlier”.

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