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  • My Google Analytics keeps showing my urls as “/whater/”. But it’s screwing this up for everything including my root url: / [see the extra slash at the beginning of the url?]

    I have only recently been having this issue, so I’m trying to track down the source. To date, I’ve tried uninstalling or deactivating my plugins, uninstalling and reinstalling anything to do with Analytics, checking all my options to make sure it’s got the URLs with ‘http://’ at the beginning, and making sure my wp-config and .htaccess are according to the advice here on forums.

    I recently did a manual update to Wp 3.1.3, so I’m fairly confident that the code is clean and fresh. I didn’t have this issue until after I’d used a Woo Theme and I’m tempted to blame it on that, but besides changing themes [which I’ve done] I’m hitting a wall on ideas/solutions.

    AND so far, I’ve seen no change on Analytics. So I went into MyPhp and ran a search query for ‘/’. This came back with a bunch of links in the wp_options table.

    I manually went through and fixed all the URLs, saved my work, and went back to my site. Site didn’t seem to experience any issues so I figured I was golden.

    When I went into the php and ran the search again, all those bad urls came back again. I realize I can’t just delete the wp_options table, but I’m really stumped here.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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