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  • I’m getting double and triple deliveries for each contacy form submission. Checking my mandrillapp >> outbound activity logs, this is confirmed.

    This could be because I have configured the plugin wrong? Here’s my setup

    1- My web host does not host email service, so advised me to use mandrill.

    2- The domain’s email is handled by the domain registrar’s email service and has webmail clients.

    3- All I require is the contact forms and any other site generated emails (woo-commerce incl) to go to email address at the registrar email server.

    4- The wordpress site email is set for the one email address at the registrar. Likewise contact form 7 ‘send to’ address.

    5- In the Mandrill setup page it’s configured as follows:

    FROM Name= Website name
    FROM Email= email address setup at the registra
    Reply-To Email= left blank

    In Mandrill ‘Sending Options’ I have
    send a copy of every email to this address entered with the same email address as in the FROM Email= as above.

    Does this look like the correct setup? and could that ‘send copy …’ option be the cause of the duplicates?


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  • Plugin Author MC_Will


    Hello houseofstrauss,

    In Mandrill ‘Sending Options’ I have
    send a copy of every email to this address entered with the same email address as in the FROM Email= as above.

    You shouldn’t be using this setting unless you really want to receive a copy of every message. That generally means that you will be receiving duplicates.

    The rest of your setup seems to be fine.

    Great that’s good to hear and thanks for the confirmation. On further testing, I’m curious about the ‘FROM email’ field. What is the point of this field? Every contact form sent adds a new sender email address in the Mandrill logs anyway. It’s not really from any fixed email address

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Well, I don’t know your exact setup, but those fields are your name and email address, which generally are fixed for certain emails (info@ subscriptions@ noreply@ forums@ etc…).

    What should be changing is the To: address but it doesn’t add new sender email addresses to your Mandrill account.

    Mmm, well I have a contact form on my website, sending all contact enquiries through Mandrill to my own personal email address. So the ‘To’ address never changes. Each contact form will have different sender name, from email, subject and message. On my mandrill acc page here all the sender email addresses are listed, as each new fom is sent, all being delivered to the same ‘To’ address, ie my personal email account.

    Does that sound like a normal setup? Basically my host told me to use Mandrill, as they have no email server for transactional emails.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Yes, that looks like a valid use case.

    In your case, what I’d do is to set the FROM Name, to your visitor’s name, FROM Address to your own email address and the Reply-To: address to your visitor’s email address.

    I’m afraid you’ll need to create a filter for these emails. This blog post will probably help you:

    Ok, thanks, some in depth reading on that article. I’ll work through this and hopefully get some insight.

    However, I will add that so far the contact forms I receive all show the right information, including the senders reply to address as well. (Using contact form 7.) I’ll check the filters thing and see if this makes the process better integrated.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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