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    I work for this site: http://www.bluegaz.se
    When I first started my job there was already a wordpress plugin for Google Analytics installed (Google Analytics Dashboard för WP (GADWP)). I later fixed enhanced ecommerce via your plugin. When I first installed your plugin I couldn’t make it work at first so I got some help from here if I recall correctly. During all of this confusion one thing I tried was to check in the first box in your plugin where it says:

    “Add Global Site Tracking Code ‘gtag.js’ (Optional)
    This feature adds New gtag.js Tracking Code to your Store. You don’t need to enable this if gtag.js implemented via a 3rd party analytics plugin.”

    It didn’t feel right to do this but I thought maybe this could help make things work (also I’m pretty new at this). Now I was recently in contact with Google for another problem and they informed that I (sadly) have 2 Google Analytics tags on my website = double tracking.. my question is simply – is this due to me checking in that box in your plugin? If so, can I just uncheck it and Google Analytics will start tracking normally? Are there any risks I should be aware of?

    Would be very grateful for your help!

    Best regards,

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    You have already given the answer in your query.

    “Add Global Site Tracking Code ‘gtag.js’ (Optional)
    This feature adds New gtag.js Tracking Code to your Store. You don’t need to enable this if gtag.js implemented via a 3rd party analytics plugin.” This means if gtag.js is implemented via a 3rd party plugin. Currently, GADWP is adding Universal Analytics script on your store & you have also enabled the gtag.js option from our plugin. That’s why Double pageview tracking is there on your store.

    Additionally, we did a quick look of your store & the child/custom theme detected on your store & as we have mentioned in the description & FAQs, the free version is not fully compatible with the child/custom theme.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks & Regards,


    Thank you for your reply.
    I now want to uninstall GADPW and only use your plugin to get Google Analytics data (Google recommended me this).

    But just to be clear:
    gtag.js = full Google analytics code?

    ALso, If I remove GADPW and only keepkeep the checkbox checked in your plugin – Do I still get EVERYTHING that Google Analytics picks up? All reports, all metrics?

    I assume the answer is yes but my understanding of what gtag.js is is a bit limited. Hope you understand. Thank you!

    Best regards,

    What do you mean with the last part? Should I not use your plugin? The enhanced ecommerce seems to be working well for me so far.

    Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hi Isabella,

    Our plugin will track the Pageviews of the entire store & the Enhanced Ecommerce data so it’s up to you which plugin fulfills your requirements.

    Last part is regarding the limitation of our plugin. Sometimes our plugin not working with the child/custom theme due to hooks & functions overridden issue & the free version has the limited support for that.


    OK I’m sorry to keep bothering you but I still don’t fully understand. I want NORMAL Google Analytics (and enhanced ecommerce). By having the checkbox checked in your plugin regarding Adding Global Site tag – Do I get the SAME INFORMATION that I’m currently getting from GADPW – see the reports/metrics listed in link below:


    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Tatvic


    The Same we have explained to you. Our plugin will track only Enhanced Ecommerce data with the pageviews reports in your GA account. GADWP plugin is providing different kind of services like Outbound links tracking, Page Speed sampling rate control, Custom event categories, actions, labels using annotated HTML elements, etc.

    In order to use our plugin with GADWP,

    1. Enable the gtag.js option from GADWP
    2. Disable the option Add Global Site Tracking Code ‘gtag.js’ (Optional) from our plugin


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