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    I’m completely new to WordPress in that my site was designed by a third party and all I do is post blogs. The latest draft blog I’ve written is for some reason not recognising when I double space between paragraphs…it always previously has.
    I’m not familiar with HTML and am struggling to understand previous posts on the subject.
    I write in visual not HTML (which I struggle to make sense of) but am wondering why the double spacing between paragraphs is not being recognised any more.
    I’ve read some talk of adding HTML code between paragraphs – apart from seeming long winded, I’d probably mess it up by not understanding the code properly.
    I’ve also read mention of CSS but have no idea what this is and can’t see where I would find it anyway.
    As you’ll see I’m not at all familiar with what happens behind the scenes being a photographer rather than designer and am wondering if I have changed something I shouldn’t or if there is a quick fix I might understand.
    Any help much appreciated.
    My WordPress site and blog are at
    Many thanks,

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