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  • According to our development process, I’m looking to know if it is possible to have two servers to introduce WP automatic updates for a certain plugin and the plugin to check in both servers like a failover process (i.e. for version upgrades).

    For example:
    Check for upgrade in server A, if no upgrade available or server not responsive, check server B for upgrade package.

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    You’re hosting your own plugin? If so, and if you want to use multiple servers, then you should put a load balancer in front of them or use a CDN.

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    @sterndata I was planning to do this via code. It’s just for this purpose, these servers don’t need to be balanced itself. Just the thing is that either two teams could submit their update, to their own managed server, which is not the same. Could be a little weird, but this is our workflow.

    Currently, we have a little options.php page checkbox to do this manually (check off to check in server A, check on to check in server B), but I would like to do this automatically.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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