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    I notice that search terms wrapped in double quotes always returns no results on mobile.

    Is this a known issue with WordPress, or might it be specific to this plugin?


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  • Hi, this plugin does not interfere with the WordPress search itself, so if you get no results when using double quotes then there must be something else going wrong.

    Make sure the search terms within the double quotes are (in the exact order) present in at least one of your site’s posts. So if you still have the default first post (for example, after a fresh installation) then it should turn up when searching for “welcome to WordPress” or “hello world” but it will not when searching for “welcome to your first post” even though all the terms individually are present in that post.

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    I’m searching for a two-word phrase that I know is in one of the posts. Two words separated by one space.

    On a desktop machine a search for that phrase wrapped in double quotes (typed correctly and in the exact order) returns the page without error, and very quickly (and nicely highlighted, too!).

    On mobile however (iPhone) the exact same procedure always returns “nothing found”.

    I’ve tried this on a few different (and equally correct) examples with the same results.

    If it’s not in any way down to your plugin, then I guess I’d expect the procedure described above to replicate without the plugin installed, though I haven’t tested that yet.

    Using twentyseventeen.

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    Update – I think it may have something to do with the way iOS handles the double-quote marks from its keyboard.

    I entered the search term in a plain text editor on iOS, which uses “straight” double-quotes, copied that and pasted it into the mobile browser search field, hit ‘search’ and the result was returned (and highlighted).

    So I guess the issue is tangential to your excellent plugin, but noteworthy nonetheless.

    Ah, nice find… you could report this as a bug to WordPress core 🙂

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    Ah, can’t do that, sorry: it’s still a staging site right now and I’m not allowed to allow access.

    It’s definitely the form of double-quotes sent from the iOS keyboard though, since forced “sane” quotes (as I described) always get a successful result.

    Our posts crossed… you could report this as a bug here

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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