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  • Hi there, i´ve been trying to create 2 post pages without success and i write in here to see if anyone can give me a hand with this, lets see if i can explain clear.
    First of all here is my page, http://www.pablolizardi.com
    As you can see there i have in the navigation bar the buttons for HOME, ABOUT ME and CONTACT ME, and of course the Home or main page is where i will post images as my portfolio on-line an is the front page i guess, and i don´t need to explain the about section and contact me, so here is the Thing:
    What i want to do is get another page in here, maybe between “about me” and “contact me” section, that says “Blog” and use it to post videos, pics, external links, write some topics, kinda like some sort of Diary blog to share with people daily things and stuff from around the internet or trips, funny stuff, etc.
    So i would be very grateful if someone could help me with this issue. I´ve been trying 2 days now to get this but i can´t.

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  • esmi


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    Hey thanks esmi, for the reply, but that´s not what i want, I´d try the static page and that´s not what i want, i saw once in a site that had what i´m looking for, i don´t know if it can achieve in wordpress, i want my front page be the posts where i´m gonna be posting all my works as a personal portfolio, and the other one name “blog” to be a diary blog where i can posts all kind of stuff, just the same as my post page [with this i mean that have all the elements of every post like date, name, division line, posted by, etc; the same structure].Just like a post page but using as a blog, inside the same page. 2 post pages, 1 for portfolio and the other for blogging.
    I don´t know if i explained well…………….Anyone???



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    This can be achieved by creating a static front page for your blog and applying a custom page template that lists your portfolio posts using query_posts. YOUR blog page will then use the index.php template file which can be similarly modified to use query_posts excluding your portfolio posts.


    mmmmm ok thanks, i will try this in a moment and let you know if i can get this one work,ok!!! thanks again………..

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm thanks esmi, i´ve just read the documentation and i found it very very complicated hehe, so i just think i´m gonna leave things the way they are right now, and use got what i have………Thanks Anyway you were great help here!.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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