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  • I have no idea what caused this error, but when you visit the following page, you’ll see the {{wp-favorite-posts}} outputs twice (once at the very top of the page, and once within the content):


    I modified it quite a bit, but everything was working fine yesterday. Today, the double output showed up and I’m at a loss. I back-tracked everything I did today to see if it would resolve the problem. I un-did all my changes, and I even overwrote the modified WPFP files with the originals (ie: wpfp-page-template.php and wp-favorite-posts.php). It didn’t solve the problem.

    PLEASE HELP! I hope it’s something simple, because this plugin worked really nicely with our re-design 🙁

    Thanks in advance…

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  • I just solved the issue!

    I changed some of the settings in the Yoast SEO Plugin, and it removed the double output. In particular, the Twitter settings in Yoast appeared to cause the problem. When I de-selected “Add Twitter Card Meta Data” (which adds meta data to the <head> tag), it resolved the issue.

    Something must be conflicting… just glad I figured it out. Great plugin!

    Hmm Its doing this for me too, but I disabled the yoast plugin and it still is doing it. I cant figure it out though

    I have the same issue… the wpfp-page-template.php seems to be included twice!

    having the same issue…tried to change setting in Yoast SEO plugin, but no use 🙁

    would be grateful if someone could suggest a solution..?

    Thanks jpanizzoli. In my case, I deselected the option “Add Open Graph meta data” in the Facebook tab of Yoast SEO plugin.



    Workaround for YOAST SEO Plugin User: add a page-<my-page-name>.php file into you template directory and copy the content of page.php into it.

    Then add the following instead of the content part:
    <?php if (function_exists('wpfp_list_favorite_posts')) { wpfp_list_favorite_posts(); } ?>

    As someone now reported this issue in the WP SEO plugin GitHub issues list, I had a quick look at it.

    This is not a WP SEO issue, this is the wp favourites plugin doing it wrong….

    Looking at their code and at the issue, I can only presume it occurs when any of the WPFL shortcodes are being used.
    A shortcode handler should return the content the shortcode should be replaced with. WPFL is echo-ing the result out *which is wrong*.

    Both the wpfp_list_favorite_posts() as well as the wpfp_list_most_favorited() functions echo/print their output to the screen instead of returning it. That is fine if used as as template tag, but very wrong when used as a shortcode handler.

    Those functions need adjusting and then all will work as expected 😉

    Hope this helps.

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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