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    unGallery Version 2.2.2
    WP v3.5

    After install everything worked OK…
    I added the jQuery call that the plugin instructed to the head section of the header.php file.. (to get FancyBox) and.. it almost worked.

    The issue seems to be that the plugin UnGallery calls for is an outdated version of FancyBox.

    OK… so I removed the added code from the header.php file, turned off FancyBox in UnGallery . .. and installed FancyBox for WordPress (Version 3.0.2 | By José Pardilla ).

    I then started getting duplicate calls for jQuery. TWO calls and the material associated with it, would show up above the Post Title, then one more would come in below the post title (as it should be).

    I tried uninstalling the UnGallery plug in – and turning the new FancyBox plug in off, even re-installed the theme to be SURE I was not somehow missing something in the header.php file that I’d mistakenly inserted… and after re-installing UnGallery – there are the three calls for jQuery again (two before the post title, and one afterwards).

    There is even a little box in the FancyBox plug in that should be checked if jQuery is being called twice – I have left it check-marked.

    One tell seems to be that when I re-installed UnGallery the default paths to the image files were “automatically” already filled in..
    I wonder if that’s a “slow cache” issue that I’m seeing but is not really there, or if that is something in the DB that has not been properly removed from the first install of the plugin?

    I’m a little twitchy about dropping tables – have lot one too many a blog that way – because I don’t know enough to rebuild them if needed.

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    I’ve retested the install here from an upgrade and against a clean installation of WP3.5. I’m not able to reproduce the behavior you’ve encountered.

    The fancyBox version was actually chosen because it was the most stable with WordPress, so I’ve opted to keep that consistent vs. testing on each newer rev. I did try to integrate with the fancyBox for WP plugin you mention, but ran into similar plugin conflicts.

    I agree with your caution on dropping database tables and don’t think this is a db issue, at least not an UnGallery one. I expect plugin settings do persist a reinstall, which syncs with the fields being populated. When I retest against new WP versions I actually drop and recreate the entire db. But the only fancyBox/JQuery db field for UnGalley is the “is it active?” toggle that the code checks for at runtime.

    So the extra call is coming from somewhere and I’m wondering if there could be another source. Is it possible for troubleshooting purposes, to run with default plugins/themes to see if it runs correctly? Perhaps we could add in the others to possible identify a conflict?



    Thank YOU for your reply.
    After I wrote the above post I eventually did come to my whit’s end and rebuilt the install from scratch (Db and all) – Lo and Behold – no double jQuery call after that.
    I did try to find what tables I needed to drop, but ended up not finding anything conclusive.
    The sweet thing about your code is that I did not have to re-import ALL of my photographs! I did have to re-upload them (I’m on Dreamhost, and when their bots install wordpress to a folder they nuke it first) but that’s small fry compared to having to re-label and re-tag, an re-categorize all the images one by one.
    I have not gone back to fiddle with Fancybox – yet.
    I’m going to alter the banner.txt files for all of the galleries first… and if I’m not satisfied with the navigation and control that gives me (which, I’m not looking for a polished gallery – I’m running an archive) THEN I might go install fancybox… but.. I don’t see it being needed just yet.

    Again – THANK YOU for your reply and for taking the time to provide the support you have.

    Plugin Author mmond


    Hey, glad to hear you worked it out. =)

    If you like the unpolished look, you can also just skip using the banner.txt files entirely. I only use them for something special like a bold headline or to include some html. You can still use descriptive names for your directories, which in turn become the gallery titles displayed as visitors are browsing.

    Also, if you move your gallery root outside of your WordPress root, your uploads will be permanent and persist future WordPress reinstalls. It also gives you a bit more security since the only access to those directories and images will be via WordPress and UnGallery. I use Dreamhost as well and have my image path set to /home/<my-username>/pics/.


    Great Tip!
    Just pulled the images folder from the root and put it outside…
    Now back to the banner.txt

    Thank you!

    hey guys, Im using ungallery and I will like to install fancybox but the link provide is broken. any idea?

    Plugin Author mmond


    Hi palom_

    That link is working for me. Can you confirm?



    Firstly, Im sorry for my english.

    Ungallary worked perfectly. the link providen of fancybox is worked but wordpress dont reconized this new zip as a plugin.
    Maybe there are something that Im doing bad…

    I tried as well from other: google chrome, firefox,IE and nothing.
    any suggestion?

    Plugin Author mmond


    No worries about the language. I’m sure it is better than I speak yours. =)

    The new zip also needs to be extracted to the plugins directory. Do you end up with a fancybox directory, next to the other plugin directories.

    There are more instructions and a screencast here:

    Im sorry but I cant

    I get the download the zip file but when I try to upload in plugin page has a error. Says: dont plugin in it.

    I cant do it.

    this the web that im doing:


    Plugin Author mmond


    palom_, I need more detail about the error. What exactly does it say? When do you get the error?

    Can you do a directory listing of your plugins dir and the fancybox dir and send me that?

    You can email me also: mark at mark p reynolds dotcom

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