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Double and triple posting issue

  • I’ve been running into an issue the last couple of days with posts posting two or three times. This has happened across several blogs using both the bookmarklet and writing directly in the Write tab of the Administration Panel. It’s happened on blogs that I have on my own host and also happened once on a blog at blogsome.com. The only two changes I’ve made were the upgrade to 1.5.2 from (which I assume had a parallel change at blogsome.com as well) and a recent update to Zone Alarm Pro. Any thoughts? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    I would just delete the extra posts, but I don’t know which ones “pinged” the ping services. So, I can either have people come looking for a nonexistent post or I can have the same post two or three times. Either isn’t a really good option.

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  • Is two days too soon to bump?

    (Keep in mind I don’t do pings, so I really don’t know….) Doesn’t the ping (wherever it “goes”) have some sort of post id involved?

    Yeah, that’s why I don’t want to just delete the extra posts. If someone follows a ping to the one I delete, they’ll just get an error page or a “no such post” message. So…I want to actually solve the problem and stop having posts show up two and three times.

    Well, of course that’s the preferred solution. But what I meant was that couldn’t you check where your pings go to see which id was the pinging one?

    Five days, so I’m bumping again. Do I need to submit this as a bug. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Oh, wait. Actually it was 8 days not 5.

    <strike>Didn’t I just post a link to mosquito?


    See this thread

    Yeah. But with all the triple posting everyone else does, I figured after 8 days I’d take advantage of the opportunity to be a squeaky wheel. Thanks for asking a question I could answer.

    It’s frustrating that I tried to help by using the search, but the result I obtained turned out to be obsolete and of no use to you. Grrr!

    (Keep in mind I don’t do pings, so I really don’t know….) Doesn’t the ping (wherever it “goes”) have some sort of post id involved?

    For what it’s worth at least one triple post also pinged Technorati three times (once for each post), which is VERY VERY bad form that could get a blog flagged as spamming.

    And Technorati also gives me some proof that I’m not losing my mind. It’s not just me.

    This post – http://angelasolis.ph/inarage/?p=8 – which now doesn’t exist was also this post – http://angelasolis.ph/inarage/?p=5 – and this post – http://angelasolis.ph/inarage/?p=3. That is a WordPress blog. I just happened to stumble across this in Technorati.

    It’s been a week, so…

    And for what it’s worth, to answer the question that was the only response to a bug submission – no, I’m not double clicking. And certainly not triple clicking. I would have thought that specifying that this was a new problem starting in 1.5.2 would have been sufficient to render that question unnecessary, but apparently not.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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