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  • Doctor Dave


    Yoast SEO v1.4.12
    Wordpress v3.5.2
    I uninstalled every plugin and changed themes.

    On my Pages list view, the SEO column shows different colored dots but hover-over shows “NA” for all of them. The same on individual pages – the colored dot on hover-over does not show a tooltip “good, bad, great, etc.”

    I just updated from Yoast SEO v1.3.4.4 where everything appeared as expected.

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  • jrf


    You’re absolutely right! Fixed it & send in a pull request. Hopefully you should see the fix in the next version.

    Doctor Dave


    I appreciate you acknowledging this.

    As a suggestion, just because we are visual creatures, please consider changing each colored dot to a more distinctive icon, perhaps a single color check-mark for “best,” dash for “okay,” and a X for “bad.” I did not realize until showing someone who is color-blind the dots meant nothing to her because they all looked the same!

    And of course while waiting for your fix she had no way of availing herself of a tool-tip because they all showed “NA.”




    Hi Rocket Pixels,

    I’m not the developer of this plugin, just an experienced PHP developer lending a hand now and again.

    So, while I believe you are making a very good point, this is a design decision which is definitely not up to me to make.

    I would suggest you open an issue at the GitHub repo and make your case for changing the ‘dots’ design to something more colour-blind friendly and/or adding an option for people to choose between two different designs – the current and a colour-blind friendly one -.

    In the mean time, if you feel comfortable with that, you could apply the changes I made to the plugin for your friend so she will not have to wait for the next release – you can see the changes in detail in the pull request – or, if you’re not comfortable touching code yourself, I could send you the changed file, all you’d need to do is upload that one file over the current one via FTP.


    Doctor Dave


    If you could send me the changed file that would be awesome! Or post instructions – whatever is easier for you.

    Thank you!



    You can see the complete changed file here. You could just copy & paste, save it as class-metabox.php and upload via FTP to wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/admin/ where it would overwrite the original file.

    Alternatively I’d need an email address to send you the file…

    Just to help with an iconography source, maybe WP-SEO could use

    @dax, that’s a completely different issue/suggestion, nothing to do with this.

    @rocket Pixels: the new v1.4.14 contains the changes I made, so you should be fine to upgrade.

    Could you mark this topic as resolved if you’re happy with the fix ?

    It was in relation to his recommendation for changing the dots to something else. Not the original main issue, but definitely part of the discussion.

    Agree, this topic should be marked resolved.

    @ jrf thanks – please give me a couple days to mark this resolved as I am in the middle of two projects with no time to evaluate this new version.

    @ Dax thanks too – I will most likely take up jrf’s suggestion of changing the dots. Overall I cannot find any good reason to use them over say a check mark and a dash symbol – relying on color contrast only is never a good thing.

    @dax, I see what you mean. Sorry for my quick dismissal, it was a while ago that I looked at the original request, just remembered the bug, not the additional suggestion.

    Still, a feature request on GitHub is the way forward to get the usability of the icon(s) addressed and I can’t remember seeing one yet.

    @rocket Pixels, understood, take your time.

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