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  • I’ve seen quite a few posts on here about that particular site….

    There is nothing anybody here can really do to help you. WordPress has no control over content or any connection to, or contact information about any website using WordPress.

    WordPress is simply software… released to the masses to do what they would like with.

    Does the site have no sort of contact info at all? (I’m not going to visit it from work, so I can’t take a look personally)

    If you can’t find any contact info on the site, you can try to do a whois lookup, and see if that gets you any further contact info

    yeah, unfortunately they didn’t give access to remove a post you’ve put up, and all the info is private…i can’t find where to contact the admin. Also, it isn’t showing on the whois lookup either.

    Are there any other resources I can tap in order to contact the person who put that site up?

    Maybe someone else here can provide more info…. that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge unfortunately….

    Are you asking to remove a forum topic HERE or a post on someone else’s site?

    If you want a post removed from here, link to it, and we’ll take a look, but odds are that we’ll just remove the URL or any personal info. Speaking of, I went and deleted all the URLs to actual PERSONAL info from that site that I could find. Cause … that’s just flat out stupid, people.

    If you want a post on someone’s site deleted b/c it has personal information, don’t freakin’ LINK to that post!

    Anyway. can’t delete posts on other people’s sites. Doesn’t work that way 🙂 We CAN delete forum posts here, but we only do with good reason.

    FWIW, I’m not removing Clayton’s post. All that info is totally public and open for anyone who knows how to check on those things. Also it points to a 3rd party company. Perfectly fine.


    I think I may have inadvertently caused some confusion on this one. I posted that link back to a previous discussion where I had already posted the whois info for the site in question. I thought it might be useful to NeedHelpThanks becasue of this;

    “…i can’t find where to contact the admin. Also, it isn’t showing on the whois lookup either.”

    I should have elaborated a little for NeedHelpThanks rather than just dropping a link and running. Sorry about that!

    No cookies for you 😉

    I cant find any more links to the site on the forums, so I think we’re fine for now 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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