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  • I am trying to use this plugin but haven’t been able to get it works.

    I’m using WP 3.5. I already had to replace some “<?” tags with “<?php” in the source code because my server don’t accept the old style ones and I’m trying to debug the problem. The strange thing is that the thumbnails are actually being generated! Put a link to a Vimeo video in a post without a featured image and update it. You apparently still don’t have a featured image. But if you click in the “Set featured image” link, a window opens, showing a gallery with a collection of thumbnails corresponding to the attached images you have already uploaded to your blog… and the auto-generated one for your post is there!!

    Now to strange thing: try to select it. You can update Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description. Click on “Set featured image”… and it will ignore it. You see again your “Edit post” screen and there is no Featured image. Try to do the same again, this time with another image you uploaded previously by hand: it will work flawlessly!

    Another strange behaviour with the auto-generated images: click on it to select it; you’ll have it on the right side of the window. Insted on clicking in “Set featured image”, click on “Edit image” in the “Attachment details” section. It will take you to the “Edit Media” screen. There again you have almost everything about the image… but the image itself! You can change name, caption, alternative text, description, see when the file was uploaded, see the file URL, the file name, file type and dimensions. Everything seems right! The file URL corresponds to what I see in the file system: it is there, and there it has no strange permissions or whatever – I can read it without problems with my user account both in my Windows and Linux server.

    Finally, the last odd thing: go to Media Library. You’ll see a list of your existing media, with its corresponding thumbnail. Where, the autogenerated images “are” there! Again, without the image itself. There is its title, its file, the upload date… you can see it is unattached… and the icon has been replaced by a wp-includes/images/crystal/default.png image. You can select to attach it to a post from there. It will say it’s attached, but again… you go to the “Edit post” screen and there isn’t any featured image there.

    According to the WordPress Function Reference, it looks to me like the plugin is doing properly what it needs to be done to generate and attach a file to a post properly: it constructs the attachment array, then uses wp_insert_attachment and wp_update_attachment_metadata, with the right parameters. But it seems like there’s something missing. Is this is a bug of the plugins or a WordPress one? Have there changed something and it’s not reflected in the docs?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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