• hi, i can see the category image in my costume texanomy term. but when i try to present it on the front page of my site – i don’t get the url at all…

    this is some of the code:

    $categories = get_terms( array('taxonomy' => 'question_category'), array( 'hide_empty' => false,'include' => '' )); 
    	echo '<ul class="ap-term-list">';
    		foreach($categories as $key => $category) :
    			if($category->parent == 0){
    				echo '<li><div class="ap-taxo-inner">';
    				echo '<a class="taxo-title" href="'.get_category_link( $category ).'">'; ?>
    //////////// this is your php shortcode
    <img src="<?php echo hmk_taxonomy_image_url(); ?>" />

    please help !


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