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  1. seogroup
    Posted 3 years ago #

    i also have problems to get this Plugin to work. It says everything is correct installed "Diagnose (Showing 0 from a total of 23 rows)" & "Das Wordbooker-Plugin scheint richtig konfiguriert zu sein." but no posts appear on the side (it is a fanpage).

    Maybe it is a Problem of WPML. I often have trouble with Multilanguage Support and plugins. In the Moment i only want to post one language to facebook. But no results. I have tried with posts, pages and my custom post type (in every installed language). For CPT i have used this Solution to make it working with my CPT.

    Wordbooker shows me in the normal log no errors "Diagnose (Showing 0 from a total of 23 rows)" but in the database are with every try 4 new entrys:

    2013-02-12 20:18:05 8 No Settings for 8 so using default author settings 1 2184 1 85 80
    2013-02-12 20:18:05 0 Calling Wordbooker publishing function 1 2184 1 86 90
    2013-02-12 20:18:05 0 Commence Publish 1 2184 1 87 99
    2013-02-12 20:18:05 0 Not a WB user (8) and no overide - give up 1 2184 1 88 9

    I have tried with severall settings. The result is everytime the same.

    Hope you can help. Wordbooker looks like the best Plugin for Facebook posting from all.


    PS: My System
    Wordbooker: 2.1.28
    Wordbooker Code Base: 2.1.28 R00 - I Can't tell the Bottom from The Top
    Wordbooker ID: 254577506873
    Wordbooker Schema: 5.6
    WordPress: 3.4.2
    Table prefix: bi_
    PHP: 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.18
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    PHP Memory Usage (MB): 71
    JSON Encode: PHP
    JSON Decode: PHP
    Curl Status: Curl is available and can access Facebook - All is OK ( Response Time was : 0.48328518867493 seconds )
    Curl Version: 7.19.7
    JSON Version: 1.2.1
    SimpleXML library: 0.1 (provided by PHP)
    HTTP Output Character Encoding: pass
    Internal PHP Character Encoding: UTF-8
    MySQL: 5.1.66-0ubuntu0.10.04.3
    Database character_set_client : utf8
    Database character_set_connection : utf8
    Database character_set_database : utf8
    Database character_set_filesystem : binary
    Database character_set_results : utf8
    Database character_set_server : latin1
    Database character_set_system : utf8
    Database character_sets_dir : /usr/share/mysql/charsets/
    Database collation_connection : utf8_general_ci
    Database collation_database : utf8_general_ci
    Database collation_server : latin1_swedish_ci
    Server : Apache
    Aktivierte Plugins:
    CategoryTinymce ( 1.5 )
    cforms ( 14.6 )
    CodeStyling Localization ( 1.99.24 )
    Custom Post Type RSS feeds ( 1.1 )
    Custom Taxonomies Menu Widget ( 1.2.2 )
    Dropdown Menu Widget ( 1.9 )
    Dynamic Widgets ( 1.5.2 )
    Easy VKontakte Connect ( 0.2 )
    jQuery Mega Menu ( 1.3.8 )
    jQuery Vertical Mega Menu ( 1.3.3 )
    K-news ( 1.0.5 )
    My Balkan Home Agencies Management ( 1.0 )
    WPML Multilingual CMS ( 2.6.1 )
    Smoothness Slider Shortcode ( v1.2.2 )
    User Photo ( )
    Vertical Menu Widget ( 0.9 )
    GoGadget Weather and Weatherforecast Widget ( 5.0 )
    WPML CMS Nav ( 1.2.7 )
    WPML Media ( 1.2.0 )
    WPML String Translation ( 1.5.1 )

    Wordbooker Table Status :
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_errorlogs' is present and contains 55 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_postlogs' is present and contains 0 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_userdata' is present and contains 1 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_userstatus' is present and contains 1 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_postcomments' is present and contains 0 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_process_queue' is present and contains 0 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_fb_friends' is present and contains 0 rows
    Table 'bi_wordbooker_fb_friend_lists' is present and contains 0 rows

  2. Steve
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #


    2013-02-12 20:18:05 0 Not a WB user (8) and no overide - give up 1 2184 1 88

    Indicates that the owner of the blog post (user 8) is not set up in Wordbooker and you've not set the two options needed to enable them to post using a configured user.

    The two options are :

    Unless changed, Posts will be published on the Facebook belonging to which needs to be set to a specific user and not "current logged in user"


    Publish Posts by non Wordbooker users
    which allows them to use the account chosen in the first option.

    Optionally you can set a third option : Allow non Wordbooker users to chose to publish a post which gives them the option to decide not to push a post to facebook.

    All of this is explained in the 33 page user manual which is included in the download.

  3. seogroup
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ohhh my God,
    thank you very much. This was it. Now it works perfectly in all language. And the handbook i also found. ;-)

    And by the way, this was one of the fastes support answears i have ever seen here.

    Thanks again for this wonderfull plugin and the good support.

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