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  • Documentation is NON-EXISTENT even though the author BRAGS on his website how GREAT and WONDERFUL his documentation is. This may well be a decent plug-in, but I am a highly experienced programer and there is not enough documentation to debug a problem.

    SUCKS BIG TIME ! ! ! !

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  • Plugin Author Captain Theme


    Non-existent? Please look at the documentation. For a FREE plugin, there could not be much more.

    What is the problem? Have you made a support thread? If you couldn’t figure it out yourself, you should have done that. If no one could help you, then I’m sorry but what more can I do? If I have time, which I barely do, I will try help those with support threads. I need to make a living too and I do this off the premium support people purchase for the plugin.

    If you’re a highly experienced programmer, I doubt you would have many issues setting up a simple jQuery slider, seeing as I am far from what I would call ‘highly experienced’ but made the plugin from scratch.

    Good luck.

    I’m a not so ‘highly experienced’ programmer yet I managed to implement this plugin on my website with no trouble at all. And using the documentation (which infact does exist) given as well. See for yourself:

    Your rating is pretty unfair seeing as all it’s based upon is the fact you weren’t able to understand the instructions rather than for the actual plugin itself. Maybe you could consider removing it?

    Thank you Captain Theme for a great, responsive slider that’s easy to use and implement and does what it says it does.

    It’s a very good work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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