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  • As previously mentioned, basic CSS features are considered ‘Pro’ and YOU HAVE NO IDEA as all features are enabled. So, you go about happily editing thinking ‘Wow – this is a great plug-in…’ and when you go to save, NOPE – pay $26. It’s a great demo. Does it function without paying money? I couldn’t tell you as I’m not going to randomly edit CSS elements hoping that they will save as even basic CSS elements like color are ‘Pro Features’.

    I happily pay for plugins and I would have considered purchasing this had I been able to work within the plugin to see which features are pro and which features are free, but I feel like have been duped after spending a considerable amount of time making edits only to find that I just wasted my time because it won’t save. If free/pro features had been clearly defined, probably would be a 5-star plugin.

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