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    I hate that they changed the minimum post interval to every 5 hours. Moving on to another plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor Uriahs Victor


    @thewebbyagency Thank you for the review, we have approved apps by all social networks available in our plugin which allows our plugin to share the posts to the respective network. These apps are not always easy to get accepted for and to keep our good standing with these social networks we’ve implemented various procedures to help our plugin not be used by spam sites.

    You see, unlike other solutions like Buffer, Hootsuite etc, we can’t actually see the posts that users send out to social media. All these steps are added to help our apps not be abused.

    While other plugins only allow autopilot in their premium versions. We allow it in our free version, that alone makes it more open to abuse so we add steps like these.

    Hope you understand. In the Premium version, we have a lower limit of 30minutes but as you see we still set limits to help prevent abuse.

    Question on the 30 minutes limit with the Premium version. If I have 33 websites each with their own Facebook page, can I post every 30 minutes from each website to its respective FB page (2 posts per hour per website for total posts over 1,500/day) or am I limited to 2 Facebook posts per hour across all the websites/Facebook pages (50 posts per day in total)? The content being posted is fairly unique to each website with very little duplication of posts from one website/Facebook page to another website/Facebook page. Also, if there are no posts for an hour then 2 posts a minute apart, can both those posts be shared on Facebook since there will be a total of 2 posts in 60 minutes or does the 30 min rule apply regardless of how long it’s been since the last post?

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