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  • They offer really poor support.

    Don’t even think on buying Gravity Forms + (More) Stripe, I did it and I lost my money.

    Plugin was not working and when I asked for a refund they just look to another place…

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  • Plugin Contributor gravity+


    Hi, Andoni,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, even though it’s not the type of comment that brings us joy. What made our support “really poor”?

    Looking at your account, we

    • consistently responded to you within 24-48 hours during our business hours, most times within 3 hours save for weekends and holidays
    • continued to follow up with you even after you didn’t reply to our email requesting information beyond “it’s not working”
    • continued to work with you even after you re-established contact but misled our support and said you followed our instructions when it turned out you actually didn’t

    Once you finally followed our instructions,

    • you identified that the problem was with your builder, not our plugin
    • you asked us to provide you with code to fix your builder theme or plugin

    And while we’d have loved to have the time to dig into the other product, we referred you to their support team since they know their product better than we do and would be your best resource for a quick resolution.

    We stand by our product — using it on our own sites — and are always looking to improve. All of our support answers were included in the in-dashboard support documentation as well as the extended plugin documentation on our site, so you wouldn’t even have to contact us unless you wanted to (always happy to talk to customers).

    With a rating of “really poor” it’s apparent that despite all of our efforts to the contrary, our communication that we wanted you to be successful failed. Big time.


    How do you believe our support team should have better helped you process your payments with our product? What should we have done differently for you to see that you successfully process your payments with our product?

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    Thread Starter andoniramos


    By just practicing more empathy & offering efficient solutions.
    Saying “this is not our fault” and taking the money into your pocket it is not fair for those who have trusted enough in your work to give a try to your product.

    Plugin Contributor gravity+


    Thank you. You were able to successfully process payments with our product so in no way did we “take money” from you and not deliver.

    Unfortunately we don’t have control over any other code on your site — if it was something we *did* have control over, it’d be fixed in a heartbeat. But as explained earlier, the most efficient solution here is to contact the support team for your other code. They are your best resource for a quick resolution.

    All the best to you.

    I have installed the free version of your plugin. It is asking for a license key. How do I get a license for this free plugin?


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