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  • I tested the free version and what made me want to upgrade was the import feature.

    After a hole month of coming and going messages with Arnan I couldn’t make it work.

    And it doesn’t.

    The only time import “worked” was when I gave him access to my admin, two new products appeared and, on his own words, “I’ve fixed up Advert 3 by adding the image, but otherwise I made no changes or modifications. I’m not sure why the image is not loaded, and I’ll look into that for the next version. But the overal import clearly works.”

    One of the reasons he claimed to work is that he used Safari browser and my Chrome, Firefox, IExplorer and Edge seems to be broken.

    I quote again: “I’m using Safari though. But when adding the feature a few years ago I tested it in Chrome and Firefox as well.”

    We all know the problem ARE not the browsers.

    I suggested to make a Skype call so he share his screen (or I share mine) to give a fast approach to the problem but the even bother to answer to this.

    Instead I got a “as I mentioned in my previous email, since it works for me, and presumably others, something on your computer, browser or connection is probably blocking the file. A firewall, browser extension, some setting in the browser.
    Maybe your internet is too slow, though then it would just go slow, and not not work at all.” If AdRotate needs something faster than 30mbps here’s another reason for you to not buy it.

    I tried a refund from day 5 and now he justifies with his terms and conditions.

    Anyway, keep the money. But I need to make people aware that the dev simply states “it works” and pulls the “Terms and Conditions card” when you need effective support. That’s how paying customers are treated.

    Great free plugin. But don’t bother paying.

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