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  • Hi there,
    I have just set up the following site

    I am a beginner! Some pages (not all) are giving visitors the ability to leave comment via registration. This is an info-only site so we don’t want comments.

    In the dashboard, there doesn’t seem to be any box/function to ensure that where our copy ends, the page ends and no ‘leave reply’ or comment box appears.

    Hope somebody can help!

    Lisa x

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  • In Setting -> Discussion, go to the third checkbox from the top labeled “Allow people to post comments on new articles” and uncheck it.

    Hi there,
    thanks so much but it is already unchecked 🙁 No idea why it’s still showing.
    Somebody suggested it’s the theme I’ve selected?

    Can you supply a link to a page where I would be able to comment?

    This page has ‘leave reply’ at bottom.

    Some pages are fine, others have this ‘leave reply’ and then when you click through, seems to allow them to register – NOT what I want 🙁

    Here are some things to check/try:

    In Settings->General, can you see whether the checkbox label “Anyone can register” is checked or not? Uncheck it if so.

    Also, try creating a new post and a new page, do those have the comment functionality on them after they are published?

    Try disabling all plugins and see if that functionality disappears, then reactivate one by one until that functionality returns.

    You can always remove commenting functionality from the templates in use on your theme.

    Thank you, this is really helpful. Will try this 🙂


    have tried unclicking button that allows people to register and now the ability to comment has come back!

    Going to have to try the plugins 🙁

    Tried deactivating all active plugins and it is still appearing, well, now it’s not just ‘leave a reply’, it’s the full form. See

    how do I remove commenting function in the theme? I am starting to think this is the problem x


    I went into the theme and deleted all code relating to ‘comments’ – dont want to speak too soon (as my site seems to have life of its own!) but they have disappeared! :))

    Thanks! x


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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