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    I’m pretty new to WordPress world, learned some basics, made one test page and than lost myself in a Network setup.

    I made my homepage with Xara Web Designer and now I would like to do few additional pages for other ppl with a WordPress. Xara WD does not support CMS, so I thought WordPress would be the best solution. I tried to install network inside the WordPress but noticed that WP intend to take control over my whole site overriding everything that it is already there.

    How can I make additional independent pages with WP on my server without overriding my home page. Is there any relatively simply way to do that?

    I’m on a iPage.

    Thanks in advance for your answer

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  • I would suggest creating a sub-folder from your existing site and installing your wordpress site in that location so there are no clashes between the two. There are ways of setting up wordpress so the default homepage isn’t wordpress, get back to me if this is what you would prefer to do.

    I’m not sure how to install WordPress in subdirectory and also, if I did that, would it be possible to set up network for WordPress in that subdirectory without messing with my default homepage?

    My main goal is to make many different pages with WordPress that would be accessible through the various domain names pointed directly to the desired page( a subdirectory for every page.. ), leaving my default homepage as it is.

    Thanks 🙂

    I’ve read all the posts on that link.My WP is already in WordPress subdirectory. My main problem is that it is working as long as I have just one WP page, but if I try to make network through the Tools Network settings it notify me that WP will override default settings adding itself as a default page. Is there a way to avoid that and how can I do that?

    Thanks in advance

    Ok say your html page is called index.html you need to edit your .htaccess file to make this the default page which loads over wordpress.

    Add DirectoryIndex index.html to the .htaccess file

    After installing network or even before?

    btw my htaccess file is totally empty. what exactly should I write in it?

    Assuming your file is whatever.html just write
    DirectoryIndex whatever.html

    and maybe; I even think that this could be done during the network installation, as there are some note what network installation will change and what the user should change, but I’m not sure how to do that and what should I change there.

    I did that but now when I try to use WP i got “Directory has no index html file” message.

    Please help.

    Explain exactly what you have done and perhaps give links and then I can try to help.

    My homepage is
    My wordpress sites should be ( no index file ) and ( showing just a fonts without any picture)

    I made all the changes that WordPress Network setup had suggested. Wrote and replaced the code in wp-config.php, added the code that WP suggested also in htaccess inside the WordPress directory. ( I’m a bit confused as there are two htaccess files. One is in the root directory and second inside the WordPress directory.) Also in a wp-content directory I made subdirectory called blogs.dir

    Before all that I also added in a root htaccess file the line you suggested: DirectoryIndex Index.htm

    Ok I see what you are trying to do. Something has gone wrong with your settings. Delete your site and try setting it up again. Since the site is in the wordpress directory you don’t need a .htaccess file in the root. Ignore what I said previously about .htaccess files as this only applies when wordpress is in the same directory as the rest of your site.

    I deleted that line from root hcaccess file, now the primary site that I done it in works just fine.

    I deleted other site and tried to make a new one in new subdirectory,
    but now when I try to reach the dashboard for that site
    I got error message that the site redirection is broken. ( it is in slo language, hard to translate.. )

    also just crossed my mind, maybe I installed network with link instead of subdirectories option. Is there any way to change that after network is installed?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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