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    “Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for you to create complex rules for shipping your products worldwide.”

    I think I want to make it even more complex.

    Let’s say I have a shipping zone (one country). In this country I want to create two different shipping classes for two different kind of products. One shipping class is called “Bikes” and the other “Floppy discs”. Let’s say I dropship so these two products are send from different locations.

    Shipping zones: USA
    Shipping classes: Bikes; Floppy discs

    Then it’s time to add the table rate. In the manual here:

    I can read the following: “Calculated rates per shipping class – each shipping class in your basket is totalled and offered at a final rate.”

    What if I don’t want the shipping classes totalled? If a customer orders Floppy discs and bikes in the same cart I want the cart to calculate rates per shipping class without being totalled. That is displayed separately. Also, I don’t want the cart to prioritize any shipping class. I want the cart to handle all the shipping classes by themselves. Otherwise I see no point in using shipping classes.

    Is it possible? It seems to be possible for the Flat rate shipping alternative out of the box. But not for table rates. Hope you can explain to me before I jump in and buy the plugin.

    Also, what if I have another Shipping zone with zip codes.

    Shipping zones: USA (with all zip codes in California); USA (with all zip codes in the rest of the US)
    Shipping classes: Teddy bears
    Table rate: Based on shipping class and quantity

    What happens if I buy bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears in one order? Will the shipping zones work along side each other? In the cart I would like to display shipping for bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears separately. Is it possible?

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by rocketeer76.
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  • I think what you are talking about is out of the box WooCommerce IF you have Shipping Classes setup – might be different with your current setup though.

    Flat Rate Shipping

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    I’m not sure. It says in the link you provided:

    Use Case: How to set up Free Shipping for some products and Flat Rate for the rest

    “Please note: For this work as described above, it is important to set the Calculation Type to “Per Class: Charge shipping for each shipping class individually” and that the Cost field is left blank.”

    But that option is not present for the Table rate option. Not sure why.

    My use case would be:
    How to set up Free Shipping for some products, Flat rate for some product, Table Rate for some products and Table Rate with zip code restrictions for some products in one Shipping zone.



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    The document you are referencing refers to the Premium Plugin WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping. The extension allows you to choose how to calculate the shipping costs when more than one options are in the cart, e.g. per class or per product.

    This is not part of the core WooCommerce shipping options. If you need help setting up the extension, please open a ticket or access live chat on your account page on

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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