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  • This plugin does not in the slightest prevent anybody from copying content from your blog. For example, it does not block the key combinations Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C (which even my Grandma knows). Also, all the user has to do is disable JavaScript, and they can even select text from the blog.

    Don’t be fooled by this plugin. You cannot stop people from copying content. Even a “Copyright (C) by Your Name. All Rights Reserved.” notice will still allow people to copy certain sections of your content under Fair Use (United States), Fair Dealing (Australia), or similar laws.

    By installing and using this plugin, you are inconveniencing people who legitimately want to copy-and-paste content from your blog, and you will not stop people who illegally want to rip the content (they can simply turn off JavaScript, or rip from your RSS feed).

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  • Guys, now its enough.
    If someone is developing the plug-in then people like you discourage them.
    This was my first plug-in, and i work hard for it, i learn PHP for it, but people like you dont have any sense how to deal with such situations.

    First of all, you dont have any idea that many basic copy bloggers simply use select, copy and paste the content, this plug-in will not disable your keystrokes or CTRL+A and CTRL+C but it will surely “disable TEXT SELECTION

    For feeds you can use Feedburner and other things,

    and if someone wants to really copy and give backlinks, then he/she can get it from source or use screenshot facility.

    I know that Jeremy is right in every way to regards that people can still copy if they really want to but i must say to cchetanonline, well done at least for trying and as you say not everyone knows how to copy using the keyboard.

    Thanks for valuable comment and support. 🙂

    Quit Whining! This is a pointless plugin for the most part since 99% of all copying is done from feeds. The major thing this does is scream this blogger is a prick and doesn’t want you to quote me or back link to them because they are a pretentious prancing douchebag who thinks the world of themselves and their most likely crappy content.

    For the records I can’t wait to see this plugin on splogs. Not only do they swipe your material you can’t even conveniently copy the stolen material to report them any number of services that require you to do so before they take action.

    Keep developing plugins, but face the fact this one is a bad idea gone to fruition.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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