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  • We were struggling with endpoints, which were brought in to WooCommerce 2.0 and above. Basically, whenever the site tried to go to an end point such as my-account/edit-address, the page would just be re-directed to the my-account page.

    We had the 404 redirected plugin installed and it was this plugin causing the issue. So, we de-activated the 404 redirected plugin and hey presto, endpoints in Woocommerce were working again.

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  • I had the same problem. Or, nearly. Simplepress doesn’t work with 404 Redirected too. So i dive into the code in the include/frontend.php and addet 2 lines:

    In function wbz404_process404() after the line 63 and in function wbz404_redirectCanonical() after the line 187 (in both cases directly after $requestedURL .= wbz404_SortQuery($urlParts);):

    /* hack, dont redirect forum links */
    if (preg_match("#\/forum\/#si",$requestedURL) == 1) return null;

    You have to replace the regex to your needs, but this works for all urls with this scheme. And if I mean all, I mean really all. in this case the path /tag/forum/ will also never be redirected. Or /blog/category/forum/blabla.

    So, for me it’s okay, but there is some potential for optimizing. Too bad, that this plugin wasn’t updated sice 2 years…

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