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    If you have a serious issue of this kind with a plugin, please send all relevant details to plugins [at]

    Plugin Author outsourcingexposed


    Hey Tim,

    I am Duncan. And naturally, I object to the use of the word ‘spam’. They’re not!

    The emails are opted in via Aweber’s rigorous anti-spam process. They are not spam, and only relate to related issues around the topic of what the plugin does. Every email has an unsubscribe link on the bottom, which you are freely open to use.

    This plugin is primarily for people trying to tidy up their SEO, amongst other things. The emails that go out are related to the issues of improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The emails are offered as backup support for people trying to improve their SEO, giving additional help and support, and strategies for better SEO.

    When you first signed in and activated the plugin, you should have seen this personal message from me at explaining more about the plugin and how we can help.

    FYI – Every email also has my personal email, so you could simply hit reply and let me know any feedabck should you wish to do so directly.

    Again, if you wish you unsubscribe from getting the emails, you can. You are still welcome to use our plugin which we have created at our own expense and give away to you free and available here

    Take care,

    Duncan Elliott

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Duncan, I haven’t looked but are you saying that your plugin automatically defaults to sending the WordPress user email? As in automatically subscribes them by default without getting their opt-in first?

    Plugin Author outsourcingexposed


    Hi Jan,

    No, it is an optin process when (after activating the plugin) the user then additionally registers the plugin. It is not automatic and only happens when the user manually registers for the full-funtionality of the plugin. It is an optin process, using Aweber’s email system and anit-spam process, and every email automatically contains an unsubscriber link. The plugin still functions if the user unsubscribes. The emails are simply optional additional support for the plugin and topic-related strategy training.



    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Sorry and I’m not trying to be obtuse (1 cup of coffee only) but I’ve just looked at your plugin. Please bear with me, as a user I have a lot of respect and admiration for anyone who shares code on the WordPress repository here.

    The plugin still functions if the user unsubscribes.

    Here’s the problem I have with this plugin: I cannot use your plugin until I send you my e-mail address. Meaning your plugin remains completely non-functional until I complete the mandatory registration process.

    That’s not opt-in at all, that’s a mandatory “Send your email if you want to get past this intentional screen that has no purpose at all except to harvest e-mails from WordPress users. Oh, but you can unsubscribe later on.

    I think you can see why people would have a problem with that. 😉

    I could modify the plugin to get past that but your mandatory e-mail subscription does violate the plugin guidelines.

    Look at #5 where it says ‘Similarly, you cannot “cripple” functionality in the plugin and then ask for payment or provide a code to unlock the functionality.’

    You are not asking for payment (well you kind of are, e-mail addresses get sold all the time [I’m not saying you do that!]) but you are requiring a code to unlock the functionality. That’s Not Coolâ„¢ for a plugin that is hosted here on the repo. You get Double Not Coolâ„¢ points for harvesting e-mails like that.

    Your plugin is NOT “software as a service”. You’ve already pointed out that your plugin functions on the user’s server and you it does not need the user’s email to function.

    That means it only has one purpose and that’s to collect people’s e-mail addresses for your own purposes.

    Will you be removing that screen? If you make it truly optional then I believe that would be alright. But as it stands your plugin does violate the guidelines here.

    Moderator Pippin Williamson


    Pippin's Plugins and Plugin Reviewer

    Jan is correct. The activation requirements for this plugin are in violation of the repository guidelines.

    When the plugin is activated (and a user goes to the Post Cleaner) admin screen, this is shown:

    The only way past that is to subscribe.

    The plugin must be 100% fully functional from step one without requiring any registration.

    You are more than welcome to include a signup form in the plugin, but it cannot be mandatory.

    I’ll be emailing you separately in a few minutes to get this taken care of.

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