• As many others before me already said, the developers suddenly removes many options in the free version.

    Afcourse you want to make money, i understand, but you can’t just remove important features from all the live websites out there using your plugin! We put trust in your plugin and use it for our businesses.

    Not to be trusted these guys.

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  • Plugin Author thethemefoundry


    Hey 👋 We’re so sorry, @goingonline!

    This was our mistake in judgment and we wish we didn’t have to move several free features over to our paid plugin. But that was the only way we were going to be able to continue supporting the free plugin.

    It does take a huge about of time and money for us (just three guys 😀) to support over 20,000 free users. And we hope in the long run people will appreciate that we’ve found a way that will see HappyForms supported for years to come.

    PS: We’re still adding brand new features to the free plugin all the time! It was just a few of the ’big’ features from our first release that needed re-aligning.

    I do believe you don’t see the whole picture.

    We know (i know at least) you have to make money. Doing this work for free is hobby. But you should have know that from the beginning and there are other ways to make money.

    Again, you suddenly removed features from your customers live websites! You can’t do that.

    You customers should have come first, and close second making money.

    Your ultimate number one priority is obviously making money. Even if you have the screw up your existing customers…

    And now you have a plugin with 46 1 star rating, good luck with making your dream come true (making money) with that.

    Perfect example of a dumb business decisions.

    I’m out.

    Plugin Author thethemefoundry


    We’re sorry you feel this way!

    We know this is a hiccup in the road for you and for several of our free users. And we’re sorry! We made this very tough decision because we knew it was the right thing for the long-term outlook of HappyForms.

    If you’d like our help transitioning to a competitor’s plugin, please let us know. We really do want you to be happy 😀

    thethemefoundary guys,

    You can say the ‘sorry’ word as many times as you like – but following up with ‘it was the right thing for the long-term outlook of HappyForms’ is just rubbing salt into our wounds really isn’t it. goingonline makes a good point and that is you pulled features from your customers websites and hacked them off, but I guess you would say those not paying you are not your customers. And that is exactly why you won’t have many of those in the ‘long-term’. You clearly don’t understand the fundamentals of business and client management.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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