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    Hello, how do you display several product on page ?

    i link 2 product together but didn’t appear on products pages.

    I have create variation for my product “bleu” et “bleu marine”.

    Thank for you respnse.


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  • Is there any documentation? Because variants are not displayed despite the configuration. Unless the plug-in is not working, therefore not displaying properly.

    Plugin Author Razon Komar Pal


    HI @tymwie @daviddu31

    Thank you for reporting, I’m currently checking the issue you found for. Hope will update you tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Best Regards

    Plugin Author Razon Komar Pal


    Hi @daviddu31 @tymwie

    There was no issue with the plugin, I have checked already. Although documentation was missing in the plugin. I have added Video Documentation now. You may now check this documentation for how this plugin actually works πŸ™‚


    Does not display size XL. Everything is configured according to the documentation. Each product has an attribute added and configured.

    Created according to documentation.

    Plugin Author Razon Komar Pal


    Hi @tymwie

    Did you add product image for both product?

    If you did not add product image, it will not show. Otherwise there should not any other issue I think.


    Of course, photos are added to both products. Everything is properly configured according to the guide. That’s why I wrote because it should work.

    1. Added photos and product attributes

    2. Configured attributes

    3. Attribute linking plugin configured

    Plugin Author Razon Komar Pal


    Hi @tymwie

    Maybe I got your issue. I think you misunderstand the plugin purpose. This plugin was developed for linked same variation products together.

    Plugin will work if:
    – Has multiple products
    – Multiple products must have same attributes

    See this screenshot:

    In your product you are using Size attribute and this have 2 child attribute L & XL.
    So product are different and Attributes are also different. They will linked if they have any common attribute.

    Hope you understand.

    Thank you.

    I do not understand. In the documentation in the video in 4:06 you can see that it works for you and shows 2 color products.

    I believe that I did everything as in the documentation. For you, the attribute is colors as different colors, for me the attribute is sizes.

    What’s the difference, what attribute do I choose? After all, the plug should work so that if I have an identical product that differs, e.g. in color, taste, size, it should be possible to create different products in the store and then they will link to each other.

    For example, if I have product sizes:
    1. S.
    2. L
    3. XL

    Then I should create 3 different products that differ in size. And then in each of them there is a redirection to a different attribute (size) to buy it at a different price.

    From what you say, there must be two levels of different variants for this to work and you have left out the simplest functionality that could only be one attribute such as size, color, flavor, packaging.

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    Plugin Author Razon Komar Pal


    Hi @tymwie

    I got your point, This plugin was intendant to use for multiple variation linked, But you can still use single variation, see video documentation. I have already updated another video for single variation, Hope this will help for now.

    Also I keep this issue in my note for next update πŸ™‚

    Thank you.

    I’ve already dealt with this by creating a new group of variants and assigning the product model attribute.

    However, it requires creating a minimum of two frup variants, where one is common.

    It’s nice that in the future you are considering modifying the plugin to allow linking of attributes from only one group.

    The plugin is very useful and we will definitely give a positive feedback after the update.

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