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  • Searched the forums, didn’t see anything. Every time I fix a typo or make a tiny change, WordPress sends the post to the feeds again. How can I, when editing a post, get WordPress not to resubmit the post through the feed (unless I want it to because I’m majorly updating the post)? Is it possible? Is it possible under WP-MultiUser? Is a feature like this planned for future versions of WordPress?


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  • What do you mean sends the post to the feeds again? What feeds? The RSS feeds? Or are you talking about tracbacks and pingbacks?


    No, feeds. Like, if I’m subscribed to my own RSS feed on a WordPress blog, and I make a new post, the new post will show up in my aggregator. Then let’s say I edit that post to fix a typo. It shows up in my aggregator AGAIN! How do I tell WordPress not to send minor changes like typo fixes to the aggregator again?

    WordPress doesn’t send anything specifically to the feed. When you pull up the /feed URL on your website, the software runs and presents the LATEST copy of your post. Your RSS Reader software keeps a copy of the current post and if the LATEST copy is newer, it displays the change approptiately.

    This is not really something you can control.


    Excellent. So this is a feed reader issue, not a WordPress issue. If there’s nothing I can do about it, then I won’t. Thanks!

    Here Luke. I just started with WP and luckily saw it somewhere already, works like a charm. Just press the “save and edit” button first then hit the “preview” button that is loaded on top of your posting window (once you install this). If you hit the “save” button first, you wind up with a draft, I haven’t looked into how to delete those yet…

    Perhaps in return, you or someone else can tell me why this code is generating a 404? TIA.

    <div class=”badges”>
    <img src=”” border=”0″ width=”36″ height=”25″ alt=”Subscribe to my blog.” />

    I was right, another shitty support forum.

    This thread has been dormant for 2 1/2 months and you throw a tantrum when you don’t get an answer within hours?!?

    I think someone needs a nap.

    What do you expect adding to a discussion that is over 2 months old? If you had a problem with that code then you should have started a new thread. Your fault, not ours.

    Furthermore, I’m not getting a 404 error when I click that link, and on a quick inspection I can’t locate a subscribe link just by viewing your site. I could probably have done a more comprehensive look around, but as you said, we’re ‘another shitty support forum’

    Grow Up. You won’t get any help from any of us by insulting us because we didn’t reply within 7 hours.

    How are we supposed to know it matters how old a thread is?

    So you really want people to start a new thread everytime?

    And you think this place is unorganized now…

    fyi: I had edited it some by time you replied

    What I would expect is that some common courtesy and politeness to be shown instead of insulting remarks such as “I was right, another shitty support forum”.

    Whether it’s online or real-life, social etiquette matter.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’ve a thread in the Mozillazine forums unanswered for 5 days. I’ve not thrown a tantrum.

    I’ve posted to the Newsgator forums and had to wait a couple of days for a reply. I didn’t abuse others.

    I’ve even posted here with strange issues and never had an answer. Did I yell about it ?

    Get a grip. Be polite – try it some time.

    like I said… and still no answer, but why would I expect one because, just like crappy DreamHost support sucks, which I doubt any of you even use …the other day a moderator didn’t even know what sqladmin was!… poor Luke up above never got an answer and you’re right, it’s been MONTHS!… you guys shouldn’t push a product whose support sucks like that for your own good

    what a joke, amazing what a little “power” does to people! done.

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