• I deleted my old comments because, as I said, I respect the work of every developer. just that I had some issues with it and I’m not using it anymore.

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    Not sure why you commented like this. On 24th of NOvember , I was in the middle of updating my free software when that happened. It has been fixed since than and everything is smoothly updated now.
    Regarding your request of skipping the cart page. Its my normal functionality to take you on the cart page for tax and shipping calculation, you asked me to skip that , so I asked you to pay me little bit so that I can change the code for you.Not sure what is wrong with that.
    My PREMIUM CART is one of the most featured plugins and one of the most resonable priced one as well.
    I PROVIDE full support to my clients and help them with their theme issues/ web page design as well.

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