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    Support for the plugin was unable to definitively confirm whether pro version would be able to tag certain elements on a WooCommerce product page but also stated that even if the plugin doesn’t work they would not refund the payment of the license.

    With the potential for compatibility issues (because WordPress) and with no recourse should it not work, I strongly recommend not purchasing this product as there is zero guarantee of performance/support and they will steal your money regardless.

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    You are not tooltip pro user, you told us you hope add tooltip effect on content which generated by your 3rd plugin, we checked your page, and we said if your plugin can hook the “the_content” filter or using woocommerce APIs, then tooltips will have a chance to work with your plugin, else we can not promise our plugin can add tooltip effect with content which generated by your plugin, we never said it is because wordpress 🙂

    You request a “trail” account or “test” license of our pro plugin, else you told us you give us bad reviews and you “will continue on every forum I know” 🙂

    Sir, we do offered support for you, although you are not our user yet, and in each our mails, we tried our best to help you with all kinds of wishes for you and your family 🙂

    Sir, we do offer good support for users, in recent week, we released 4 versions based on user’s new feature request, we work hard for our users, we are happy to offer services and improve our product for real users — with happy and friendship 🙂

    Sir, we had to reply you in our 03:00am, we are still getting your mails which full of attacks again and again, I have lost my sleep in the middle-morning. 🙂

    Thanks, have a good day with your family 🙂

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    With every reply you are digging a deeper hole for yourself and your plugin. Yes I am not a pro user, but what I requested was IF I bought a license would you refund me if it didn’t work.

    Yes, you stated that your plugin would work if the form generated on my site pulls from the_content filter. But IF it doesn’t you would not refund me my money?

    This tells me and every user that reads this that you will take our money even if your plugin doesn’t work.

    Why wouldn’t you refund us if your plugin ends up not working? It’s not as if we would keep a plugin installed that doesn’t work. You may only think it’s $9 but in my country that is a lot of money to pay for something that I can’t use.

    I am not asking for a free pro license. Im asking whether after I have bought the license to see whether the WooCommerce attribute/description tagging functionality (only available to pro users) works, and if it doesn’t, you will refund me.

    How is this an unreasonable request? There is not a single potential customer on this platform that would not be reassured that they can safely ensure that the product they bought works and if it doesn’t that they haven’t been robbed.

    As to your claims of harassment, the timezone difference is unavoidable and I ask you to please post those emails in this thread you claim possess “mental violence”. I did indeed state I would share this review on as many plugin platforms as I could. I would not want another user to purchase your plugin and have no chance at getting their money back if your product doesn’t work.



    Go and look for another Tooltip-Plugin:

    Thread Starter ganymedefabrications


    I intend to.

    But before I do I will let everyone know that if this plugin doesn’t work they can say goodbye to their money.

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