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  • First, thank you for taking time to leave a review. Gutenberg has started out as a plugin so that it can be reviewed and tested before it is added to the core WordPress project. If you have tested Gutenberg and have any specific feedback about it that we can look to, it would be great to talk through some of your experiences here so we have an idea for why you are feeling the way you are about it as a plugin right now. Also, please know that many people are working on the editor and looking to help work through issues.

    I was actually excited about it as a blog ONLY editor, but then when I realized it broke my WP Bakery PageBuilder when I installed it, that was an immediate deal breaker.

    The fact that you said “before it is added to the core WordPress project” is scary. If WordPress acts like Apple and the disappearance of the headphone jack here, this is going to be a rough ride.

    Leave it as a plugin. We have page builders that function way better than Gutenburg.

    This is good feedback. The best route forward with regard to WP Bakery PageBuilder is to contact them and let them know your experience so that they are aware that they may need to make an update going forward. It’s also good to document plugin conflicts at if possible, and you may get a response asking you to contact WP Bakery PageBuilder there too but I think it is also nice to keep track of conflicts for the project in GitHub, hopefully including a more detail such as a quick set of steps to reproduce the problem or a screenshot.

    Weighing in with a request for further clarification regarding how it’s going to act with themes that have their own editors. I primarily maintain two sites – my own running the Kale theme, and the one for my church running the Divi theme. The Divi theme especially has a built-in editor that is very necessary to make the blasted thing work (I didn’t choose Divi; I inherited it). I’m worried that Gutenberg is going to make Divi uneditable for me and I’m sorry … too old, too overloaded, too out of the loop to have to learn a whole new system.




    Over 2 million people use WP Bakery Page Builder.

    Me included.

    I have nearly 25 websites using it actively.

    If they all break due to “Gutenberg” I am going to be livid.

    What bothers me the most is that you are acting like it’s WP Bakery’s responsibility to adapt to Gutenberg.

    It’s not a WP Bakery problem, it’s a WordPress problem. Why? Because you implemented a HORRIBLY reviewed plugin into the core of wordpress.

    I don’t want 25 pissed off clients because all of their sites are broken. I can’t handle that.

    I don’t want anything to do with Gutenberg. With all sincerity.

    Both WP Bakery (formerly Visual Composer) & Divi authors have announced plans to be compatible with Gutenberg. If you search their blogs you should find details of their plans.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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