• My experience with Sprout Apps and mostly with Support is horrific. The plugin and its addons return errors starting from installation. Dan, the developer, will blame everything except his plugin. “there is a conflict with another plugin, try deactivate all plugins”. You do that, report that everything is the same. He sends 2 lines of code, not to fix the problem but to hide it from the interface. Then he tells you that you have to remove the errors by clicking delete. You do that, doesn’t work. Then you ask a refund, he says no, 14 days have passed. Doesn’t matter that there were 14 days with you asking for support. Then it tells you to reinstall everything because you do not know how to click delete and you need special training. It also doesn’t matter you paid for his plugin because you had a customer in need of an invoice system but after waiting for more than 14 days to see his invoice system without errors he chose another solution and now you are stuck with a product you bought and have no use for.
    So, remember this.
    If you get to the point to pay for his plugin, keep in mind you won’t be able to get your money back in case you have problems.
    Is a payment of $200 that you won’t get back no matter what.

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  • As an update, after installing the plugin on a new WP install, with nothing else, still having problems and of course, the developer doesn’t reply to my emails anymore because apparently paying for 1 year of support means 1 month for him.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    I’m still not sure why you’re upset, and lying. I’ve been helping you ever since you purchased the pro version of Sprout Invoices and did offer a refund — even though it was after the 14-day money back guarantee (instead you refused it and waiting until it was too late, plus you continue to use the pro license of Sprout Invoices).

    Your last support request was Oct 25th at 7:08am, I replied within a couple hours with a resolution.

    Please consider that these reviews are for the free version of Sprout Invoices, at very least consider retracting the false statements.

    Thank you.

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    There are no false statements. I only tell people to really consider before buying the Pro Version.
    No, you did not offered a refund. You offered HALF of the money paid as a refund.
    I got no reply to my last emails. Beside, following your advice and installing everything again on a new WP, led to the same outcome. But now it stopped working while I was showing it to my client.
    The free version you are offering is related to the pro version. I only commented about paying for this plugin as well as letting people know about how the developer acts.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    At this point I’m not sure you’re commenting on my support or some else’s.

    Have a good day regardless.

    Your’s. The support you offered haven’t solved the problems with your plugins but it did prolonged the agony until “i’ve passed the 14 days for a refund”. “Your support” means a $200 loss for me, even if I asked for a refund on the 3rd day from paying.

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    For what its worth I thought Dan could not have been more helpful in any dealings of support and was more than gracious to try and find a resolution to problems. I bought the plugin around the same time and have to say I had the very opposite encounter. Perhaps there is another reason behind your rant?

    @zorog Have no idea when you bought it and have no idea how do you know when I bought the plugin.
    Waiting for his support the 14 days passed. Because I had to wait for so long, the client I bought the plugin for said he will look for another solution. So I got stuck with a buggy plugin I have no need for. Hence, I requested a refund because I paid $200 and the plugin I paid for had errors. Is that so bad to ask for a refund when you buy plugins that have errors?
    Dan offered to refund 1/2 of the amount because “I spent time providing support” (actually he sent 1 email with a solution that didn’t worked)
    Beside that, I have all the emails between me and him to show how he said he doesn’t refund because 14 days passed.
    By the way, the 14 days passed and I asked a 2nd time for a refund. Because the first time I asked a refund after 3 days when I saw the errors. But he said he will fix the problems. Problems were never fixed.
    So what do you want me to do? I am not ranting. I am just letting people know that if they buy this plugin to never ever expect a refund even if they find bugs. Simple.

    Beside, his plugin requires a licence to work and also you need to provide the domain name on his website. Is not like I asked for a refund but I wanted to use the plugin without paying.

    From my point of view, selling buggy software and refusing to refund because 14 days passed (waiting for him to provide a solution) is called stealing.

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    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    To anyone reading this: if you have any questions or need references please contact me at ama@sproutapps.co

    I have plenty of people saying the opposite of what this guy is saying. He’s said a lot of false statements here and there’s nothing I can do at this point.

    Thank you all for your support.

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    Excuse me?!?

    Please tell me which of the following statements are lies:

    – As soon as I bought the plugin, I told you there are errors.
    – After 3 days I asked for a refund
    – You said you will solve the problem and sent me 2 lines of code to add in functions, not to solve the problem but to hide it from admin interface
    – I replied and told you that didn’t solved the problem, the errors were still there
    – You said nothing
    – I sent you another email
    – No replies from you
    – I asked for money back, for the 2nd time, you said 14 days have passed (by 6 days while I was waiting for your support) and that you don’t refund.

    For each statement from the above I have your emails to prove you are a scammer.
    You did sold me a bugged plugin and you didn’t want to refund me. How is this a lie?

    What exactly am I lying about? You say I lie and that I give false statements but you failed to mention at least 1 false statement. As I told you, I already made a formal complaint against you and I am working to post the emails between us online for everybody to see how you scam people.

    Hello? Still waiting for your answer to my statements.
    Which ones do you consider being lies?

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    I have been a Sprout Invoices Business Premium customer for more than two years.

    I have had nothing but good experiences and fast customer support.

    I, too have had problems with Dan as a potential customer. He used vulgar language, published my private email, and deleted posts in my review and closed it. Here’s the link with an update: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/it-looks-promising-2/#post-8832337

    Dan only blacked out my email after reporting his abuse to wordpress.org. Here’s the link: http://s-v.me/jG5m

    I cannot trust Dan after what he has done. His actions were pathetic and desperate. Can you trust someone like Dan? Can you?

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