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    It was supposed to be a quick variation – of course I’ve learnt now that quick is not in the dictionary when it comes to doing anything with themes. Will have more variations coming soon, but for now there’s this.

    Based on Meadow by my friend and I, which is based on Thought Mechanics by Theron.


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  • Wow! Way cool theme. I love dark colors. Especially black. And i love the way its layed out. Alot different. Good job. Im using IE and dont see any problems. =)

    Very nice. The only thing that could use a bit of toning down is the blockquote, it’s kind of bright. 🙂

    Hey Jinsan, glad to see you went with the lighter blue boxes. Very nice and much easier to read! 😉

    Yeah, thanks davincim it put me on the right track and dually and belated credited on the site 😉

    @neon yeah it’s kind of bright on purpose, but I’ll try and tone it down and play witht the colours if I get time.

    Thanks for the feedback guys 😉

    i like this work. i would like to use it if you allow me…

    the colours and this special design is wonderful and easy and a bit funny. great work, great style

    tried to download, and it take me to an error page

    Sorry if you guys found an error but WP and I were having an argument over who gets the Goldfish. I fixed the path so you should be able to grab it now. Also note there migh tbe a completely new version of this from my friend who absolute hates wholly black themes – be it good or bad, if it’s a black theme he hates it so he’s going be giving me a good kicking with his variation 🙂


    I like this style of blog. Thanks Jinsan.

    Just a suggestion: How about a link to Babelfish?

    Wow, very nice theme dude. I totally dig the blue logo at the top. VERY nice.

    lol good idea lokrin – or perhaps trillian too?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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