• Before we start my name is Albert Poulis and i was in belief that this plugin is genuine.Even after setting the cron job the way it should have been not the way they set it up and then setting SMTP server to run 300 emails an hour it still did it’s own thing and now my email service has been shut down under investigation for spamming and i will not pay for the 99,343 that were sent when i had paid for the 10,000 a month plan and if you do take any money out i will see you in court you thief’s.OH and my tech service are willing to back it up because they checked every thing before i was told about the suspension in their own words were: well it was set up perfect.

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    Hi @albypaul ,

    Sorry that you had a bad experience. weMail only manages subscribers, users need to add an email sending API in weMail to send mail. Sending emails is not any functionality weMail provides. I would request you to contact us via the website contact form so that we can help you set up and fix the issue for you.

    Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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