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    Do Not like new toolbar. all the old quicklinks are gone, like a direct link to the dashboard if I am on my site. Where are all the quicklinks. This is very disappointing.

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  • I have to say, I also find the removal of the direct link to the dashboard a pain, but I like some of the other new feature on the toolbar.

    However, what a pity the opportunity was not taken to get rid of the infuriating ‘Howdy’ message once and for all. I shouldn’t need to install a plugin to remove something as trite as this. ‘Howdy’ is an irritating Americanism to many people. I thought WordPress was supposed to be international.

    (Rant over.)

    like a direct link to the dashboard if I am on my site

    I don’t understand what people mean when they say this…. please explain so I can understand…

    When I am viewing my site, the toolbar has my site name on it….if I click this from the admin side, I go to my site. If I click the same link while viewing my site, I go to the dashboard.

    I don’t even have to use the dropdown…. seems very direct to me, am I misunderstanding?

    Oh yes, you are right. That is completely counter-intuitive: you click exactly the same thing on different screens, and it takes you to different pages. Crazy! (But I am relieved that there is a direct link!)

    Cool! IT is a little confusing for those of us used to a different way of doing things.

    But once you know it, its easy

    To the new WP user, that will be the only behaviour they know, maybe not so confusing

    The quicklinks are all in dropdown menus off the toolbar.

    yeah. I found that out eventually, but it sure would’ve been nice if they explain what changes they made.

    They did, actually. There was a pointer with info on it and everything 🙂

    Check out

    Hi. I log into my wp site, and it tells me about the new toolbar, and suggests I visit it. Can’t see anything, when I hover over though. And I can’t get into the dashboard either.

    All I get as options are: Visit Site (under my name), profile, and dashboard (with a notice to update CommuntLuv plugin and some blog updates from WP.

    Haven’t found any possibility to access the dashboard anywhere. Can you pls tell me how to solve this, or what I do wrong?
    Thank you very much!



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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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