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[Resolved] Don't know what's wrong

  • hello – I have used syndicate press on another site and it works great. just set up a new site (www.hotvegasinfo.com) and tried to set up 5 feeds

    I set them up like this

    proper URL = the correct RSS feed addy

    On my page I put this code
    [sp# feedList=all]

    I wanted to test it before inserting into theme.

    My website won’t connect and I am getting 500 errors. I am only pulling 3 articles from each.

    Any tips or guidance I can follow to try to diagnose what is wrong?

    If i disable plugin, site works fine so I guess it might be some type of conflict but I don’t know what.


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  • Must be something I am doing. If I go one by one, they are working so I will just take some more time to try to figure it out. I did read all the documentation. Is there any reference to examples that i can follow that have tips on how to set up breaks and stuff.


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    Hi Miz.Michele,
    Thanks for including the RSS feed publisher links. The easiest way to debug a publisher link and see what it is really providing is to put it directly into the URL address bar of a browser.

    I did this for http://www.properurl.com/category/210851/app-news?clienttype=rss

    and received a page saying it was going to redirect to: https://WWW.ZONE.EU/CATEGORY/210851/APP-NEWS?CLIENTTYPE=RSS

    But it really redirected to https://www.zone.ee/en/

    The other feed URL also redirects to https://www.zone.ee/en/

    You might want to test out the feeds in a browser prior to putting them into Syndicate Press to make sure they are real feeds and not being redirected to weird URLs that are not feeds.

    If a feed is working properly, you will see something like in your browser: http://syndicatepress.henryranch.net/feed/

    Note that SP does not support redirection of URLs, or https protocol for feed URLs.

    Best regards,
    SP Developer

    Thank you as always. I am now having another issue.

    I had everything set up and had certain feeds set up in the sidebar and one main news page. I got the bright idea that I wanted to take one feed out of the sidebar and put it in my main page so I added it in and now I am getting this

    /home/myusername/mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/syndicate-press/syndicate-press-plugin.php on line 324

    I don’t think it can be the feed since it was fine in my sidebar. Now I am fearful to reorganize anything else.

    What do you think is wrong and what should I do?

    I just have to tell you that after 2 hours, I decided to write and as soon as I wrote I figured it out. It was the way I had my feed list.

    I had a space after the comma 🙂

    [sp# feed11,feed02,feed03,feed01,feed05,feed14]

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    Hi Miz.Michele,
    glad you figured it out. Thanks for following up with you finding.

    The [sp#] shortcode uses spaces to separate parameters, so the extra space in the feedlist messed it up.

    I’ll add a new feature to an upcoming release that checks the shortcode params and throws a useful error message rather than the script line number.

    Best regards,
    SP Developer

    I’m not so strong in shortcodes so I wanted to check with you if Im doing the right thing:

    I inserted 2 RSS in the Syndicarte press setup:

    Then I garbed [sp# feedList=all] and inserted it into the shortcode section of my homer page

    Nothing happened. Can someone help please

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    Hi pavpud,
    thank you for providing the links that you were trying to use…

    The first link that you provided ‘http://www.championat.com/rssinst.html’ is not a valid rss/atom or rdf formatted news feed. Rather, it is an html page.

    The second link is also not a valid rss/atom or rdf news feed. It is an html page.

    You should find the rss news feed URL for the sites and then try again.

    Best regards,
    SP Developer

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