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  • Maybe every newbie knows how to do this, but I don’t, so I’d like to ask.

    I want to find a plugin to do a job, but I can’t do a search for one because I don’t know the name of what I’m looking for.

    I want to create something like this, that is, the grey boxes. I want to create a colored box into which I can put clickables for downloading mp3s, etc. in either a post or a page.

    Please tell me what this sort of box is called, and if possible, how I can create one. Thanks.

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  • Lok at the source code of that page and see what the audioplayer uses: jQuery, javascript, a plugin, etc., and search for that.

    DO NOT bump any more topics!

    Thank you, songdogtech, for replying. YOU have some courtesy.

    Elijah, If you’re here looking for help, there are rules that make the forums more efficient for all, and some of them are single threads for help and no bumping….

    I have been here looking for help, and am grateful to have received some, and say Thank You.

    I have looked for the rules and haven’t found them. Even if a link to them is provided after this post, it seems to me they are not easily found.

    samboll’s reaction implies I have bumped in other threads: I have not. I’m not aware my post of ‘Anyone?’ in this thread (which is since deleted) is a bump, either. Maybe it is, and I never knew it. I just wanted a response to a current question.

    However, since two of you seem to believe I have broken a rule, I must assume I have, in ignorance, and apologize for it. I’m a nice person when you get to know me.

    nobody is saying you are not a nice person
    you bumped this topic twice in less than an hour

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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