• Guys by all means, don’t ever download this plugin. It didn’t only screw my WP Database, but my whole server’s databases, including the ZPanel config itself. I signed in to specifically warn everyone from this plugin.

    I was lucky that I am having a cloud VM with a snapshot that I took by chance 3 days ago. Otherwise, I think I would’ve been into the server admin pain of the restoration process.

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    Seriously this is a typical response from people who have no clue how technical stuff works. And if something goes wrong they blame the thing they think they did last.

    Whats surprising is that you seem to be a Linux guy (me too) and I associate a fair amount of knowledge with things like this …

    So you seriously believe a WP plugin accesses your ZPanel config? I think that is not even possible! Also ARVE uses the WP options API to change its own options in the WP database and nothing else. There is no code in ARVE (like manual MySQL queries) that could with a bug “screw” your WP database!

    You should not jump to conclusions.

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