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    Expect poor support, bad documentation, declining reliability, and increasing expense for “pro” versions or add-ons.

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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @thebrazeneye

    Thank you so much for your review

    About support, I always provide support to everyone and this is completely demostrable since all topics from AutomatorWP and GamiPress gets replied in hours (GamiPress has more than 200 topics resolved):

    You never asked for any support of any kind

    About the documentation, we have released the documentation to guide you wiht everything about AutomatorWP:

    AutomatorWP has been released just a few days ago, but for sure, with the time, we will grow its documentation like we did on GamiPress:

    And about the comparison you did with other plugin, well, I’m contributing plugins for free during years, with more than 60 plugins here on

    All this work is open-source and completely accessible to everyone, so all my projects are completely transparent and reviewed by the plugins contributors

    While, the other plugin you make reference is completely opaque and they are not subject to public reviews of any type (from the users sides and also from the plugin review team)

    Keep in mind that with this type of negative attitudes and that only contribute falsehoods you are deteriorating the value of the WordPress community

    So, before putting yourself on the side of someone, assess what each plugin author really offers in a real way and don’t let yourself be influenced to make you take part in vain offensives

    Best regards

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    Side note to @thebrazeneye If you want to leave a review then do so. But keep it about that plugin and do not use the review to make recommendations for something else. That’s trolling and not appropriate.

    I have removed that part from your review.

    If you need to contact the moderators about this then you can do so via the Slack #forums channel.

    To use that channel you need a Slack account. You can obtain one via these instructions.

    When you contact the #forums channel, inform them what your WordPress.ORG forum user ID is. That will help the moderators find your account and ascertain what the issue is.

    If you do use Slack do not direct message me or any other moderator. Use the #forums channel and any moderator there can assist you.

    I have experienced, nothing but fast and friendly support from Ruben and team. Never have I had a bad experience. So I’m not sure if this guy is talking about the same plugin. Plus there is another plugin that automates wordpress and if you look at what it can do – automator wp can do so much more. I’ve bought both – so I know. I mean seriously, or you can buy Zapier for $24/mo for the basic plan. I have all of them. and I’ll stick with Ruben’s plugin as I can automate so much more.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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