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  • I hereby swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!! I signed up for the premium hearthis account 3 weeks ago. I was enamored with the layout and I liked what I saw. In a matter of 2 weeks my opinion went from wow this is great too wow this really sucks. Here is why. The very first week I uploaded approximately 15 mixes for the Disco generation. Of course you know I’m a disc jockey. At the end of that first week that’s 7 days they came out with their ratings and this is something they do every week. Out of thousands of people who might be DJ’s, who might be music enthusiasts or just might be a person that listens to music, my reaction of what occurred was eye-opening and I really couldn’t believe it. In this ranking of the top 10 spots my mixes all different were listed in seven of those 10 spots including the number one spot. I said to myself wow that’s great but is it true, is it a come on. I found out 2 weeks later that it’s a major come on. The second week I uploaded a few more mixes and if I’m not mistaken I had two spots in the top 10. Now what I was wondering was how did I get seven spots in the top 10 and number one in the first week with being brand new to the site and having no reputation and no followers. Then the second week the numbers fell drastically. During the second week I invested a few extra dollars to have my mixes listen to to generate more followers. That’s one of the so-called services that they offer. You purchase euros with American dollars and you decide which mixes you want exposure for. Now that can get expensive because it’s 100 points per mix. So if you want to get exposure to all of those mixes you’ll probably spend $13. That doesn’t last that long. So you try again and you get the same results barely any increase in the number of listeners,plays,likes and reposts etc. Week three I decided I am not spending a penny and guess what happened the numbers plummeted. In some categories they went down to as low as zero. So here’s my point the come on was week one. Imagine having seven out of the 10 spots including number one. What would you think? Then you invest some money to get more exposure and you get barely any results. I understand that they have to keep the website afloat but to do it in such a shady manner is unfortunate. When I figured out what was going on I asked for a refund from my premium account. Do you think I heard back from Benedict? When I made an inquiry about the results of investing the money into more listeners Benedict gave me some sort of excuse that he would check it out with his staff. Do you think I got an answer? Simple answer no! Here’s my advice and you can take it for what it’s worth. Go in and join but don’t spend a penny. Download whatever you can and have a good time. If you are a disc jockey and looking for exposure chances are you’ll get some but not a lot. Keep your money in your pocket and keep your mind open and so the same goes for your eyes. It’s all a come-on. In closing this is my story and it’s the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!

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