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  • Resolved helgatheviking


    Don’t forget a hook in the menu_customizer_render_item_control

    A few of us menu plugin authors are using

    // This is the added section
    do_action( 'wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields', $item_id, $item, $depth, $args );
    // end added section

    in the admin Walker (right after the description input), so that our plugins/themes will work together.

    I can confirm that adding

    do_action( 'wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields', $item_id, $item, $depth );

    in the menu_customizer_render_item_control function allows my plugins to add its fields right away! I’ll have to look more closely at the save process menu_customizer_update_menu_item, etc to figure out how I could save additional data.

    Great start!

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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Yep, this is definitely something we’ll want to address before it makes its way into core (we’re a ways away still). To facilitate the saving part, I’m actually thinking an API for custom menu item fields might be a possibility, and it would work similarly to other post meta APIs that are being worked on for core. It’s important to make this dev-friendly for the saving and previewing side of this as well.

    Remind me about this if it ends up being forgotten by the time this is proposed for core, but we’ll try to address it sooner!

    And I probably won’t forget, since I have a plugin I want to make that would require this type of functionality too 🙂

    Has the API been built? I too would like to have neans to add custom fields to menu item for an upcoming plugin of ours we are increasingly likely to use what helgatheviking has used.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Not built yet. Development of this plugin is currently waiting for several improvements in the internals of the Customizer API, as well as new expanded JS APIs for the Customizer. These are almost complete and will ship with 4.1. Once we hit beta, I’ll be shifting focus back to working on menus, leveraging those new APIs, continuing to build out the plugin, and also enlisting help from others to get this ready for core, hopefully in 4.2. Keep an eye on for updates, including a call for contributors in the next month or so.




    Making a note here that a patch was added for this in in case @helgatheviking and @smartpixels would like to help test the patch or comment on the Trac ticket.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Note that that ticket is about a different filter. The actual ticket is now:

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